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Melissa Caddick’s investors lost nearly $25m, liquidatorsreport says

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Investors with Melissa Caddick lost close to $25m, according to a redacted report into her financial affairs, as police continue to search for her body. An investor confirmed to Guardian Australia that a report provid...

Melissa Caddick is most likely dead, NSW police commissioner says

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The case of the mysterious disappearance of alleged fraudster Melissa Caddick remains open but the New South Wales police commissioner believes the Sydney woman is dead. Commissioner Mick Fuller acknowledges there are...

Melissa Caddick case: police end search for missing conwoman off Sydney coast

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NSW police suspend search for Caddick’s remains in waters around her Dover Heights neighbourhoodThe search for missing Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick’s remains in waters around her Dover Heights neighbourhood has bee...

Thunder Force review – Melissa McCarthy gets superstrength in rote superhero comedy

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Melissa McCarthy’s moderate new superhero comedy vehicle stars McCarthy opposite Octavia Spencer, and is written and directed by her husband, Ben Falcone, who has a cameo as a hapless henchman called Kenny – the subje...

Melissa Caddick convinced 72 investors to hand over $23m to ‘sham’ business, corte dijo

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Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick faked many documents in the “quite elaborate fraud” she used to swindle trusting investors out of more than $23m, a judge has been told. She operated 37 bank accounts, sent investo...

Nine Perfect Strangers review – forget Nicole Kidman … Melissa McCarthy steals this show

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Isn’t it just typical? You wait years for a miniseries about rich Americans pitching up at a luxury retreat to try to find bliss, then two turn up at once. The White Lotus put its assortment on Hawaii in a five-star h...

Melissa Thompson’s recipes for barbecued lamb breast with fennel and sumac salad

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After having the best porchetta of my life in Mogliano, a village in the Marche, central Italy, I became obsessed. Puffed, salty crackling encasing tender meat scented with rosemary, thyme and other lovely bits: I dre...

The Starling review – toe-curlingly embarrassing Melissa McCarthy drama

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This bizarre sentimental dramedy is fatuous and phoney in every particular: a quite extraordinary festival of gibberish. Every implausible scene, every unconvincing character, every contrived dollop of symbolism, ever...