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Melania Trump like Marie Antoinette, says former aide in hotly awaited book

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Melania Trump declined her chief of staff’s suggestion she condemn rioters who attacked the US Capitol on 6 Januarie, according to a new book by the spurned aide who also says the former first lady believed her husband...

Melania Trump isn’t keen on Donald running in 2024 –but that won’t stop him

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Say what you like about Melania Trump, the woman is consistent. She displayed zero interest in being first lady in 2016, and it seems she has zero interest in being first lady ever again. According to mysterious sourc...

Jill Biden makes cover of Vogue after Melania Trump was snubbed

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In an interview accompanying her appearance on the cover of Vogue as first lady, Dr Jill Biden said her husband was proving “a calmer president” than Donald Trump. Biden appears on the cover of the August edition – a...

Restorationists urge Jill Biden to erase Melania Trump’s Rose Garden makeover

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Efforts to erase the Trump family legacy have reached the White House potting sheds and nurseries with Jill Biden being urged to restore the mansion’s garden to a state that predates ex-First Lady Melania Trump’s 2019...