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Meggitt says US takeover will go ahead despite UK government intervention

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The British aerospace manufacturer Meggitt said it was confident its £6.3bn takeover by a US rival would go ahead, after the business secretary, Kwarsi Kwarteng, intervened in the deal over national security concerns....

US firm nears takeover of UK aerospace supplier Meggitt after rival pulls out

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British aerospace manufacturer Meggitt is a step closer to a takeover by US company Parker-Hannifin after rival suitor TransDigm said it would not make an offer. Ohio-based TransDigm said on Tuesday that it was pullin...

Cobham agrees Ultra deal and Meggitt nears takeover in British aerospace sell-off – business live

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Rolling live coverage of business, economics and financial markets as UK manufacturer Meggitt pushes ahead with Parker Hannifin buyout

UK defence supplier Meggitt agrees £6.3bn takeover by US rival

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The British aerospace firm Meggitt has agreed a £6.3bn takeover deal from US rival Parker Hannifin, in the latest approach for a UK-listed company from an overseas buyer. The board of Meggitt, the FTSE 250 engineering...