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Of course tattoos are a mistake. That’s the beauty of them

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Last summer I got a tattoo on my forearm. It was a frame from a Chris Ware graphic novel showing a nervous man cringing in shock from the noise of a telephone, represented by the word “RING” in huge red script. It was...

Levi Bellfield admits to murdering Lin and Megan Russell, say lawyers

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The serial killer Levi Bellfield has reportedly penned a letter confessing to the murders of mother and daughter Lin and Megan Russell in 1996. The Sun revealed that lawyers acting for Michael Stone, who has twice bee...

Post-illness symptoms like long Covid are probably more common than we think

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In die afgelope maande, long Covid has received a great deal of media and public attention. Research has found that as many as one in four of those infected with Covid – perhaps millions of people in the US alone – suffer f...

‘An artist in search of good material’: My time at an Auckland massage parlour

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I got a job at Belle de Jour in 1998. ek was 24 years old and had just graduated from art school. What did I need next? Life experience. The neon sign hung in the window of the ranch slider. The massage parlour logo w...

The court ruling against GCHQ is just the latest battle in the fight for privacy

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No matter our background or beliefs, we all want control over our personal information, our private views and our sensitive data. That control is key to our autonomy and our liberty. Maar in 2013 Edward Snowden pulled ...

How did I satisfy my restless hunger for touch? I got a new tattoo

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There was one thing I really wanted during the lockdowns (aside from the, uh, cessation of the pandemic). I quickly stopped entertaining the idea of anything so unimaginably distant and decadent as sex, but my hunger ...

I haven’t seen my family for more than a year – and the separation has taught me what matters

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I sometimes think about the fact that I’m pretty sure I don’t want children and wonder where the roots of my disinclination lie. I still have the ingrained pregnancy terror of the Catholic girls’ school, 14 years afte...

Now I’m dating again, I’m skipping all that blather about books and films

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God help me, I’m dating again. I thought about this with reverent anticipation for so long and now it’s here. Natuurlik, I have forgotten how to speak, and what an attractive woman is supposed to wear, and how many me...

The pandemic has turned people into tutting scolds. I can’t wait for that to change

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A spectre is haunting Britain – the spectre of the public. Can’t you feel them? They’ve been lying in wait for months, ambiently monstrous, doing God knows what in their homes. Watching overly large televisions, proba...