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Houseparty is over: video chat app that boomed in lockdown meets its end

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Houseparty, a video chat app that surged in popularity when lockdowns were first imposed last year, is to close down. The platform allows people to virtually drop in to video chatrooms with friends and experienced a s...

Marugame Udon, London E1: ‘It’s is bit Wagamama meets Ikea cafe’ – restaurant review

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A decent lunch for less than a fiver, as offered at global mega-chain Marugame Udon, is not something that often crosses my radar. A Londra, especially, there has been a recent post-lockdown glut of new openings with...

Override review – TV robot goes rogue in Stepford Wives meets Truman Show sci-fi

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This is an inane hodgepodge of sci-fi, political thriller and perhaps some kind of ill-considered satire – of reality TV, venal politicians? It’s hard to divine the target when the attack is so scattershot. It is supp...

Biden meets remains of 13 troops killed in Kabul as US promises more strikes

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The White House on Sunday reasserted its promise to capture or kill the perpetrators of the deadly attacks on Kabul airport, as Joe Biden travelled to Delaware for the repatriation of the bodies of the 13 US troops wh...

Top US spy reportedly meets Taliban leader in Kabul amid evacuation chaos

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The top US spy, the CIA director William Burns, reportedly met secretly with the head of the Taliban on Monday in Kabul, in the highest-level diplomatic encounter since the militant group took over. According to a rep...

Covid Australia live news update: tensions high as national cabinet meets; first Afghanistan evacuees arrive in Perth

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ACT chief minister Andrew Barr calls on colleagues to stop presenting 70% o 80% vaccination targets as ‘freedom day’ ahead of meeting. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti

TV stasera: Michael Johnson meets our star Paralympians

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Ahead of the Paralympics beginning on 24 agosto, US champion sprinter Michael Johnson meets four of Team GB’s most promising Paralympians, quizzing them about their careers and hopes for Tokyo. Johnson begins with fi...

Cruel Summer review – Pretty Little Liars meets Memento in dark teen thriller

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Cruel Summer is a cruel mistress. Amazon’s new 10-episode non-murder-mystery drama is set over three summers in the 90s, bouncing about among them in every instalment. How well you get along with it will depend on how...

George the Poet meets Munya Chawawa: ‘Poetry isn’t perceived as being masculine’

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George the Poet first met Munya Chawawa when he was invited on the latter’s Reprezent 107.3 FM radio show to talk about his single, Follow the Leader, and recently launched podcast. Some three years on, and the career...

Not jamón it: Spanish minister’s eat less meat plea meets resistance

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To many Spaniards it was a sensible, responsible and rather overdue suggestion. But to others it was as heretical as a well-done steak, a lean slice of jamón or a barbecue of nothing but assorted veg. This week Spain’...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: Queensland, WA and NT await decision on lockdown lifting as national cabinet meets

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Scott Morrison and premiers will discuss further slashing of overseas arrival numbers. Follow latest update

Biden and Harris meets western governors amid historic heatwave – live

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Republican and Democratic leaders will discuss the record-breaking temperatures and preparations for this year’s wildfire season – follow live

The Queen meets Boris Johnson in person again with weary resignation

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There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” said the Queen, her heart sinking. It was the moment she had been dreading. Why on earth couldn’t she have carried on her weekly meetings with the prime minister on Zoom? Not ...

Joe Biden meets Vladimir Putin at Geneva summit – video

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The meeting got off to a frosty start as Putin told Biden in front of a chaotic press pool jostling to put questions to the leaders that their two countries had 'a lot' of issues that required talks at the highest lev...

Talks in Washington deadlocked as Biden meets UK PM Johnson – live

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Vertice del G7 in diretta: Joe Biden incontra Boris Johnson in Cornovaglia prima dei colloqui dei leader mondiali

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Il presidente degli Stati Uniti arriva a Carbis Bay mentre i leader mondiali si riuniscono per il vertice G7 di persona

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