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NSW frontline medical staff gagged as health system braces for Covid peak

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As New South Wales hospitals brace for the peak in admissions and overwhelmed intensive care units next month, the voices of those on the frontline are strangely muted. Often it is family members, union representative...

Michael K Williams died from overdose of fentanyl, heroin and other drugs, medical examiner says

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The actor Michael K Williams died after overdosing on fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine, the New York chief medical examiner told reporters on Friday. Williams, 54, was found dead at his home in Brooklyn...

The bias that blinds: why some people get dangerously different medical care

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I met Chris in my first month at a small, hard-partying Catholic high school in north-eastern Wisconsin, where kids jammed cigarettes between the fingers of the school’s lifesize Jesus statue and skipped mass to eat f...

Australia Covid noticias en directo: La Asociación Médica Australiana dice que los hospitales no están listos para reabrir

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AMA escribe al primer ministro, Los primeros ministros y los primeros ministros de estado dicen que los hospitales "están en peligro de quedar atrapados en un ciclo permanente de crisis". Siga las últimas actualizaciones.

Nasa delays ISS spacewalk due to astronaut’s medical issue

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Nasa is delaying a spacewalk at the International Space Station because of a medical issue involving one of its astronauts. Officials announced the postponement on Monday, less than 24 hours before Mark Vande Hei was ...

UK medical schools must teach about climate crisis, say students

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Medical students are demanding their schools include the climate crisis as a core component of the curriculum, as the intensifying climate emergency highlights the corresponding health crisis. Hannah Chase, a final ye...

Medical schools in England offering new students £10,000 to change university

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Students with places at oversubscribed medical schools in England are being asked to move to a course at a university elsewhere in the country in exchange for £10,000 after a surge in applications was followed by hund...

Romelu Lukaku starts Chelsea medical after €115m fee agreed with Inter

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Romelu Lukaku has completed the main part of his Chelsea medical in Milan after the Premier League club agreed to pay Internazionale €115m (£97.5m) to re-sign the striker. Lukaku’s representatives are planning for the...

La inflación de calificaciones obliga a los ministros a pagar plazas adicionales en la escuela de medicina

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El gobierno se ha visto obligado a financiar cientos de plazas adicionales en cursos de medicina y odontología en universidades de Inglaterra., a medida que la inflación desenfrenada de las calificaciones desencadenada por la cancelación de exámenes ha significado un número inesperadamente alto de ....

Smiths Group agrees to sell medical division to US private equity firm

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The UK engineering firm Smiths Group has agreed to sell its medical division to the US private equity firm TA Associates in a $2.3bn (£1.7bn) deal, in the latest of a string of UK acquisitions by overseas buyers. Smit...

Is medical cannabis really a magic bullet?

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En 2017, Mikael Sodergren, a liver and pancreatic cancer surgeon at Imperial College healthcare NHS trust, was finding himself becoming increasingly interested in the potential role of medical cannabis in treating pai...

Inflatable dinghies and Zoom medical training: how a remote Pacific atoll got Pfizer

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The elders of Nukunonu atoll in Tokelau at the wharf on Monday morning, dressed in white and singing songs, held a banner that said: “Welcome”. In the distance, a small inflatable boat made its way to them carrying a ...

Australian Medical Association says NSW Covid lockdown failing and urges change to AstraZeneca advice

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The president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Omar Khorshid, says it is unlikely lockdown measures can contain the Delta outbreak in New South Wales and has urged the Australian Technical Advisory Group on I...

Exeter University offers medical students £10,000 to defer

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A Russell Group university is offering a year’s free accommodation and a bursary of £10,000 to medical students who agree to defer their studies for a year amid a surge in applications to study medicine and uncertaint...

Sydney hospitals stretched to ‘the brink’ as Covid crisis sidelines medical staff

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Sydney’s hospitals are being stretched to “the brink” as healthcare professionals continue to be sidelined by exposure to Covid, with two major hospitals reporting cases, including a fully vaccinated nurse. NSW Health...

Non-Covid respiratory illnesses on rise in UK, medical experts say

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Non-Covid respiratory illnesses and other conditions that were suppressed over the winter by lockdown are slowly “marching upwards” again, albeit at a level below what doctors expect for this time of year. The increas...

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