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Sewage vote outcry prompts Tory MPs to defend decision on social media

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The government has launched a defensive social media campaign after MPs faced anger from their constituents over last week’s sewage vote, in which an amendment to the environment bill that would have placed a legal du...

Banning anonymous social media accounts would only stifle free speech and democracy

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The aftermath of the horrific killing of Conservative MP David Amess should have been a moment for politicians and the public to unite in an effort to protect democracy. En lugar de, the discussion has been derailed by a ...

Social media ‘emboldens’ stalkers to take action, warns expert

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Social media is acting as a “catalyst” for stalkers to act on delusional beliefs, England’s most senior clinician working with perpetrators has warned. Frank Farnham, the clinical lead at the National Stalking Clinic ...

Scandal rocks German media giant on brink of global expansion

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That Axel Springer, a media empire built on digging up stories of sex and sleaze among the rich and famous, should have turned a blind eye to sex and sleaze within its own offices will hardly have come as a shock to i...

Una comunidad "no cancelable": la "verdad" sobre la plataforma de redes sociales de Trump

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La verdad está ahí fuera, según el conocido proveedor de factualidad Donald Trump. El miércoles el ex presidente, que ha sido expulsado de las principales plataformas de redes sociales desde enero, anunció que será lanzado ...

Donald Trump to launch social media platform called Truth Social

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Donald Trump has announced plans to launch a social media platform called TRUTH Social that will rolled be out early next year. The former president, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter earlier this year, says h...

Se insta al primer ministro a promulgar la "ley de David" contra el abuso en las redes sociales después de la muerte de Amess

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Boris Johnson se enfrenta a llamadas para promulgar la "ley de David" para tomar medidas enérgicas contra el abuso de figuras públicas en las redes sociales y poner fin al anonimato en línea tras el asesinato de Sir David Amess.. Decenas de diputados rindieron homenaje en la Hous..

Nothing to see: how pro-government Hungarian media reported Wembley violence

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With the Hungarian president, Viktor Orbán, and his allies owning about 90% of the country’s media it was perhaps not too surprising that much of the press looked to absolve Hungary fans of blame or failed to mention ...

TechScape: UK online safety bill could set tone for global social media regulation

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Even before the arrival of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, social media companies were feeling the heat from regulators and politicians. It is white-hot now. We were well past the tipping point of mild concern ...

Social media bringing antisemitic ideas to new generation, report says

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A new generation of users of “younger” social media platforms such as TikTok are being introduced to antisemitic ideas they would be unlikely to encounter elsewhere, warns a report. The research comes amid warnings th...

Sonja McLaughlan says social media abuse won’t stop her asking tough questions

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The broadcaster Sonja McLaughlan says the abuse she faced on social media for asking tough questions after England’s Six Nations defeat against Wales in February was made more severe because she is a woman. But she ha...

"Fue aterrador al principio": usuarios de redes sociales en la interrupción de Facebook

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Facebook, WhatsApp e Instagram experimentaron una interrupción que dejó a los usuarios de todo el mundo sin poder acceder a las plataformas de redes sociales durante casi seis horas el lunes y martes.. El apagón fue uno de los peores de Facebook ...

Jermaine Jenas calls for laws to make social media firms tackle racism

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Jermaine Jenas, the former England footballer turned TV presenter, has urged the government to sanction social media companies that fail to stamp out racism and abuse on their platforms. For months Jenas has been moni...

Media startup Ozy shuts down after New York Times report raises concerns

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Ozy, a digital media startup, is shutting down less than a week after a New York Times column raised questions about the organization’s claims of millions of viewers and readers, while also pointing out a potential ca...

North Korea fires new anti-aircraft missile in latest test, state media reports

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North Korea has fired a newly developed anti-aircraft missile, the official KCNA news agency has reported, in the latest in its recent series of weapons tests. The test on Thursday, conducted by the Academy of Defence...

Diversity in top media jobs is ‘woeful’, says Ofcom

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British television and radio broadcasters remain “woeful” at promoting staff from diverse backgrounds to senior management positions, according to the media regulator Ofcom. While the media workforce had become more r...

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