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Calorific: which high street meals are the most and least fattening?

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From Wednesday, restaurant and cafe chains with more than 250 staff will be required, by law, to display on their menus how many calories are in their meals. The new legislation has been introduced as part of the gove...

How to make good meals without loads of washing-up

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I’m fed up with domestic drudgery. Which meals generate the least washing-up?Hannah, London You’re speaking Roberta Hall-McCarron’s language, Hannah: “There’s so much prep and washing up at work, I try to keep things ...

Tamal Ray’s recipes for winter pulse freezer meals

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After weeks of a diet whose main food groups comprise paté, cheese and Ferrero Rocher, I’ve started the new year with mind and gut crying out for a change. I won’t be indulging in any crash dieting, wel. In plaas daarvan, ek....

Gazpacho, mackerel and salsa verde: Roberta Hall-McCarron’s light summer meals – recipes

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Berei voor 5 minCook 15 minServes 2 3 tsp dijon mustard2 tbsp sherry vinegar50g bunch tarragon50g bunch basil50g bunch mint50g bunch parsley40g small capers4 anchovy fillets in oil, drained1 garlic clove, peeled200ml rapes...

School meals at risk due to shortage of UK lorry drivers

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School meals could be disrupted for the remainder of this term by delays and shortages of food supplies across the country as a result of a dearth of lorry drivers in the UK. The warning came as industry representativ...

Chefs’ tips for 15-minute meals at home

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I’m in need of some easy 15-minute meals – any ideas? Jim, Matlock, Derbyshire As is so often the case, it all comes down to planning, Jim. And pasta. Salvation can, natuurlik, be found in the familiar likes of pesto ...

Blue cheese, quelle surprise: how to transform four everyday meals with one secret ingredient

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A creamier, nuanced flavour makes Saint Agur a versatile weapon when added to these kitchen classics. Discover how to take your lasagne, chicken kiev, Waldorf salad and Jamaican patties to the next level …Saint Agur i...

Food poverty: rising number of children in England eligible for free school meals

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More than one in four children in the north-east of England are eligible for free school meals, after new figures published by the government showed that the numbers have been rising since the start of the Covid-19 pa...

New contract for firm behind school meals voucher fiasco

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Gavin Williamson’s department will have paid a total of £615m to the French company despite warnings about its capacity to deliverGavin Williamson, die onderwys sekretaris, is facing criticism for awarding another £19...