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England needs to ditch its ‘vaccine just’ strategy for ‘vaccine plus’ instead

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Only two months after being forced at the last minute to “cancel Christmas” in 2020, Boris Johnson committed to a “cautious and prudent” roadmap out of lockdown that recognised the evolving epidemiology of the virus. ...

Two men in court charged with Lyra McKee murder

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Two men have appeared in court in Northern Ireland charged with the murder of the writer Lyra McKee. Gearoid Cavanagh, 33, and Jordan Devine, 21, both from Derry, appeared via video link at Derry magistrates court on ...

Lyra McKee: two men charged with murder of Northern Irish journalist

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Two men have been charged with the murder of the Belfast journalist Lyra McKee, who was shot dead during disturbances in Derry in 2019. McKee, 29, one of Northern Ireland’s most promising young journalists, was killed...

Lyra McKee: four men arrested over killing of journalist in Derry

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Police in Northern Ireland have arrested four men as part of the investigation into the murder of the journalist Lyra McKee in 2019. The four men, invecchiato 19, 20, 21 e 33, were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2006 su ...