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Matthew McConaughey says he will not run for Texas governor

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The actor Matthew McConaughey will not run for Texas governor, removing one potential obstacle from the path of Beto O’Rourke, the former Democratic congressman and candidate for Senate and president now seeking to de...

Message to Democrats: embrace economic bread-and-butter issues to win

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As he set about disembowelling Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill last month, Joe Manchin paused to offer some cheerful advice for outraged progressives. '[A]ll they need to do,” said the West Virginia senator, “is el...

Matthew Cross steun Skotland vir 'regtig spesiale' T20 Wêreldbeker-kantel

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Daar was 'n oomblik, sowat 'n uur in hul Wêreldbeker-toernooi, toe dit gelyk het of alles vir Skotland skeefloop. Speel Bangladesj, ingedeel nr 6 in die wêreld en oorweldigende gunstelinge om die openingsgroep te oorheers..

Matthew Wright’s last-gasp kick gives Jacksonville welcome win over Miami

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More than three hours of nerve-shredding, often sloppy, action led to one second remaining and a kick at the death, one Matthew Wright and the Jacksonville Jaguars are unlikely to forget. Die skopper, fresh from the pr...

Matthew Bourne’s The Midnight Bell review – to the dark heart of desire

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Sexy, smouldering and sad, Matthew Bourne’s new full-evening work is based on the semi-neglected novels of Patrick Hamilton. But it also belongs in the world of Hamilton’s contemporary the playwright Terence Rattigan,...

Matthew Carver’s melt-in-the-mouth cheese recipes for autumn

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These fruity, cheesy, bacony snacks are hard to beat – think turbo-charged pigs in blankets. Berei voor 10 minCook 12 minMakes 5 10 dried prunes50g stilton (we use Cropwell Bishop), cut into 5 x 10g pieces3 rashers smoked ...

THG investors start to question Matthew Moulding’s enthusiasm

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When your share price falls by a third in the three weeks after a big announcement that was supposed to reveal hidden value within your company, you’ve got a problem. This is Matthew Moulding’s predicament. The founde...

The Dresser review - Matthew Kelly en Julian Clary staar die laaste gordyn in die gesig

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Enige toneelstuk wat 'n boodskap wat 'n moet-aan-gaan-boodskap bevat, sal beslis klink in die huidige klimaat. Dit geld veral vir die nuutste produksie van The Dresser, wat 'n jaar later oopmaak as wat bedoel is. Ronald Harwo ...

Hangovers and hang-ups: Matthew Bourne’s The Midnight Bell steps into 30s Soho

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“Understanding a particular time, a code of manners, how people were in a different era is always fascinating to me,” says Matthew Bourne. The choreographer is known for creating immersive worlds on stage. Whether it’...

Ted Dexter was the aristocrat adventurer who helped modernise English cricket

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Terug in 1997, Ted Dexter was at the Hay Literary Festival to promote the latest of the dozen or so books that would appear under his name. At the last moment the scheduled interviewer had to pull out; nearby alternati...

C’mon you Popchips: why the Hundred is so hard to digest

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When I arrived in Cardiff to report on the new cricket competition, there was a problem with my media accreditation. Always me. A steward asked me to wait, adding that there were 200 people in the press box. “Blimey,”...

England’s famous win over Australia: the most consequential match of all

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I was there, jy weet. On the world’s most famous cricket ground on the day of England’s most famous Test win. In the old Lord’s press box next to the pavilion. True, the win in question was not actually at Lord’s: Dit...

Cloudy with a chance of outrage: Fox prepares to launch a weather channel

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Politics can be a thorny subject – sometimes, it’s best just to talk about the weather. That seems to be the strategy behind Rupert Murdoch’s latest venture. Fox Weather – forecast to arrive sometime this year under t...

Hookworms: abuse allegations against ex-frontman Matthew Johnson withdrawn

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The musician Alanna McArdle has formally withdrawn allegations of sexual and mental abuse made against former Hookworms frontman Matthew Johnson in October 2018 on behalf of another woman, known as L. He in turn has w...

Paint Your Town Red by Matthew Brown and Rhian E Jones review – the Preston model

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The Lancashire city of Preston, originator of artisans’ guilds, has long been overshadowed by its resurgent neighbours Liverpool and Manchester – but no longer. It’s now better known as the home of “the Preston model”...

Matthew Barney: Redoubt review – mountains carved in the hunter’s sights

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Matthew Barney’s Redoubt at the Hayward is a bewildering and intriguing litany of objects and fleeting, capricious images. At its heart is a feature-length film whose themes and images are continued and compounded by ...

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