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What is Beergate and why does it matter?

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The Sun first published a picture of Keir Starmer drinking a beer with Labour workers in a party office in Durham on 30 abril 2021 more than a year ago. Hasta hace poco, the story was a minor Tory attack jibe, but it i...

The Guardian view on local democracy: make it matter

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The 19th-century Birmingham pastor Robert Dale would have been dismayed by today’s apathy towards local elections. As one of the greatest proselytisers for the role of municipal government in Victorian England, Dale m...

The sinking of the Moskva: what do we know, and why does it matter?

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Russia has acknowledged that the Moskva, its flagship Black Sea missile cruiser, has sunk. It attributes the loss to an unexplained fire, which ignited ammunition, and says it capsized “in choppy seas” while being tow...

Who is Viktor Medvedchuk and why does his arrest matter to the Kremlin?

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He was Vladimir Putin’s best friend in Ukraine but the Kremlin says it won’t make a trade to secure his freedom. Pero es evidente que el Sr. Putin ha decidido que es el momento adecuado para elevar sustancialmente la temperatura en el Donbass., a man often named the “dark prince” of Ukrainian politics, has been a loyal ally to P...

Boris Johnson may think that partygate is a laughing matter. Outraged voters don’t

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He thinks he is going to get away with it. When Boris Johnson addressed a recent dinner with his parliamentary party, he poked fun at those Tory MPs who were so disgusted by partygate that they tried to remove him. Th ...

The stars of Top Boy: ‘Are drug dealers going to Black Lives Matter marches? I doubt it’

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You know a show has made it when it’s prepared to say no to its main backer, especially when that backer is a megastar rapper who is singlehandedly responsible for the show even being on TV. “When we first met Drake t...

What happened when a Chinese ship shone a laser at an Australian plane – and why does it matter?

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Just after midnight last Thursday, a transiting Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy vessel shone a military-grade laser at an Australian air force plane conducting coastal maritime surveillance. This did not happen ...

Why Abraham Lincoln’s meetings with Black Americans matter

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Jonathan White is a professor at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, a historian of Abraham Lincoln and the American civil war. His new book, A House Built By Slaves, studies meetings between the 16th presiden...

‘I don’t matter’: Queen jokes about her platinum jubilee cake being upside down – video

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The Queen jokes at an event held in Sandringham House in the lead up to the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. 'I don’t matter,' she said when she was told it had been positioned to face the press. 'I t...

Curler Bruce Mouat: ‘I realised it really didn’t matter what my sexuality was’

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The truth is that after 200 or so years of curling no one understands why the stone curls. En realidad. The laws of physics suggest the stone’s path should bend in the opposite direction to its rotation, so if you spin a s...

"Un asunto urgente": Biden advierte que la democracia está amenazada en la cumbre

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Joe Biden ha lanzado su Cumbre virtual por la Democracia con una advertencia de que los derechos y las normas democráticas están amenazados en todo el mundo., incluso en los EE. UU.. Frente a enlaces de video con 80 líderes mundiales dispuestos en dos o ...

'Cuestión de tiempo': Fauci confirma el primer caso de Omicron en EE. UU. - video

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En California se ha identificado el primer caso confirmado de la variante Omicron de Covid-19 en EE. UU.. En una rueda de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Anthony Fauci, el director del instituto nacional de alergias e infecciosas ...

Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert’s ‘Jihad Squad’ bigotry is ‘no laughing matter’

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Islamophobic remarks by Lauren Boebert are “no laughing matter”, Ilhan Omar said, demanding action from congressional leaders – after the Colorado Republican said sorry. “Saying I am a suicide bomber is no laughing m...

Black British Lives Matter editado por Lenny Henry y Marcus Ryder - revisión

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El asesinato de George Floyd por un oficial de policía blanco pudo haber tenido lugar a miles de kilómetros de distancia, pero su grito agonizante - "No puedo respirar" - resonó en el Reino Unido, también. De hecho, se convirtió en el catalizador de la gran ....

This is not a cross-party matter: second jobs are a very Conservative scandal

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Durante las últimas semanas, the news has been dominated by headlines about MPs who abuse the parliamentary rules that allow them to have second jobs. This is a misleading, generalised account of a specific and exceptiona...

Cómo la policía británica intentó reclutar a un informante en Black Lives Matter

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Cuando el activista antirracista Lowri Davies recibió una llamada de un oficial encubierto en Swansea, ella siguió el juego. Pero ella estaba grabando la conversación, y lo que aprendió arroja nueva luz sobre cómo se monitorean los movimientos progresivos..

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