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‘Massive anger’: 40% of grassroots Tories want Boris Johnson to quit

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There is “massive anger” among grassroots Conservative party supporters over the Downing Street parties scandal, the head of a leading group has said as its survey found 40% thought Boris Johnson should resign. Ed Cos...

Ukraine hit by ‘massive’ cyber-attack on government websites

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Ukraine has been hit by a “massive” cyber-attack, with the websites of several government departments including the ministry of foreign affairs and the education ministry knocked out. Officials said it was too early t...

Staff absences having ‘massive impact’ on pupils in England say head teachers

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Teacher absences are the biggest barrier to children recovering the learning lost during the pandemic, according to head teachers in England, as new data showed that shortages in key subjects such as physics are becom...

Tackling debt in poorest countries hit by ‘massive gaps in data’

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Efforts to combat a looming debt crisis in the world’s poorest countries are being hindered by a lack of up-to-date, reliable figures showing how much individual nations owe, the World Bank has said. The Washington-ba...

La Palma: drone footage reveals massive river of lava – video

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Drone footage surveying the Cumbre Vieja volcano shows a massive river of thick lava flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 7,500 people have been forced to leave their homes since the Cumbre Vieja began er...

"Una injusticia masiva": 10 años después de los desalojos de Dale Farm, el dolor y el trauma permanecen

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El día que los residentes de Dale Farm, entonces uno de los sitios de viajeros no autorizados más grandes de Europa, debían ser desalojados hace una década, A los alumnos de la escuela primaria cercana se les entregaron piedras especiales que podían exprimir..

Brasil: massive sandstorm smothers parts of São Paulo state – video

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A sandstorm made by powerful winds whipping up dust from the ground has engulfed Barretos and surrounding towns north of the city of São Paulo. The storms were triggered by the worst drought to hit Brazil in nine deca...

Brazil protesters aim to summon spirit of 84 for massive anti-Bolsonaro drive

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Por poco 40 years have passed since downtown Rio was overrun with what one awestruck reporter declared “the greatest and most fantastical popular demonstration of all time”. Fue 10 abril 1984, the twilight of Brazil’...

Massive moons, lengthy canals and a very optimistic Neville – take the Thursday quiz

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The quiz master remains away, but early this morning a troupe of highly trained carrier pigeons delivered 14 questions from a secret location in Scotland to the Guardian’s offices. Can you face the fiendish combinatio...

Brighton’s Danielle Carter: ‘Those injuries are a massive part of my life’

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Danielle Carter is reflecting on the double ACL hell that ended her 11 years at Arsenal. “I would say it was life-changing,” the Brighton forward says. “Life-changing in the sense of it almost halted my career progres...

Congress has a massive voting rights bill in its grasp. It must pass it, ahora

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Imagine it’s November 2020, and you are 59-year-old Laura Roundine, living on tribal lands in Montana. Days before the election, you’re home-bound after open heart surgery. The reservation has no at-home mail delivery...

Massive Attack cancel Liverpool gig to boycott arms fair at venue

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Massive Attack said it is “really disappointing” to cancel a Liverpool gig in order to boycott a venue where a major weapons fair is due to be held next month. Robert “3D” Del Naja, one of the Bristol band’s founding ...

Massive Attack call for government plan to cut live music’s carbon emissions

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A plan to ensure the live music industry meets climate targets needs to be urgently introduced by the government, according to the band Massive Attack, which commissioned a report on carbon emissions in the music busi...

"Un fracaso político masivo": La CIA advirtió a la Casa Blanca sobre la rápida toma del poder de los talibanes

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Tanto las administraciones de Trump como las de Biden fueron advertidas por la inteligencia estadounidense de que la resistencia del ejército afgano a los talibanes podría colapsar "en unos días" después de una retirada apresurada., según un ex contra-t de la CIA..

Massive landslide sweeps away portion of road in India – video

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A massive landslide in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh in India has led to a road collapsing down the side of a mountain. El metraje, captured on 30 mes de julio, has been widely shared on social media and Indian ne...

Actualización en vivo de Covid de Australia: Sydney lockdown to be extended, massive testing queues at Fairfield

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New rules for essential workers cause chaos; Gladys Berejiklians expected to detail plans to lengthen shutdown

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