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‘Killed like animals’: documents reveal how Australia turned a blind eye to a West Papuan massacre

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In the pre-dawn light, beneath a water tower on the West Papuan island of Biak, Yudha Korwa lay bleeding in the dirt. Four days earlier, the young high school student, full of hope in post-Suharto, Reformasi Indonesia...

Hong Kong police raid Tiananmen massacre museum

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Hong Kong authorities have raided the city’s Tiananmen massacre museum a day after arresting four members of the civil society group that ran it. The raid is the latest act by police in a sweeping crackdown on dissent...

Myanmar’s UN envoy accuses military junta of township massacre

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Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, who has refused to leave his post despite being fired by the junta after the February coup, has alerted the world body to a “reported massacre” by the military. Kyaw Moe Tun...

‘We want our land back’: for descendants of the Elaine massacre, history is far from settled

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The history of the race massacre in Elaine, Arkansas, has always been contested. It is widely accepted that in 1919, a group of white men, with the backing of federal troops, tortured and killed scores of Black resid...

‘This was a massacre’: Biden honours Tulsa race massacre survivors 100 years on – video

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Joe Biden on Tuesday became the first sitting US president to visit the site in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where hundreds of Black Americans were massacred by a white mob in 1921, as he marked the country’s legacy of racial vio...

Joe Biden calls for US to confront its past on 100th anniversary of Tulsa massacre

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Joe Biden has used the centenary of the Tulsa race massacre as a rallying cry for America to be honest about its history, insisting that great nations “come to terms with their dark sides”. On Tuesday Biden became the...

Tulsa massacre: Biden urges Americans to reflect on ‘deep roots of racial terror’

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In a speech marking 100 years since the Tulsa race massacre, Joe Biden called on Americans to think upon “the deep roots of racial terror” in the United States and to destroy systemic racism in their society. In hard-...

Tulsa massacre: centennial of white mob rampage to be commemorated in Oklahoma

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One of the darkest chapters in the long and turbulent history of racial violence in America will be commemorated in Oklahoma on Monday, the 100th anniversary of a rampage by a white mob that left an estimated 300 Blac...

Peru: Shining Path splinter group kills 14 in pre-election jungle massacre

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Por lo menos 14 gente, including two children, have been killed by a splinter group of the Shining Path rebel group, in a brutal attack on a remote jungle hamlet, according to Peru’s military. Leaflets reportedly scatter...

‘I still smell smoke and see fire’: Tulsa massacre survivor, 107, testifies to US Congress – video

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Viola Fletcher, the oldest living survivor of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, massacre, was seven when a white mob attacked the city’s ‘Black Wall Street in 1921, killing an estimated 300 African Americans.For decades, the atroc...

‘I am seeking justice’: Tulsa massacre survivor, 107, testifies to US Congress

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For nearly a century she was denied a voice by a culture of silence. Finalmente, a la edad de 107, Viola Fletcher got a national stage on Wednesday to bear witness to America’s deep history of racial violence. Fletcher...

Mexico faces up to uneasy anniversary of Chinese massacre

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The first to die were Chinese agricultural workers, who were killed in the orchards and gardens surrounding the Mexican city of Torreón by advancing revolutionary forces in the early hours of 13 Mayo 1911. After skirmi...

Australia noticias en vivo: health officials say hotel quarantine ‘fit for purpose’; Port Arthur massacre commemorated

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Brendan Murphy says there are no plans to invest in purpose-built isolation facilities. Siga las últimas actualizaciones

‘Chainsaw massacre’: Surrey police hunt for phantom lumberjack

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Police are hunting a mystery tree feller who has cut down dozens of trees along a particularly picturesque stretch of the River Thames in Surrey, to the consternation of local residents. In what has been called the “c...

Paintball Massacre review – splatterhouse horror with scattershot acting

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This scruffy British-made comedy-horror, helmed by debut director Darren Berry, features a large ensemble cast with an extremely wide range of acting skills. Sadly, just as the story itself turns on how each individua...

Black composer dropped from Tulsa massacre opera in lyrics dispute

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A Black composer has said he has been “decommissioned” from a work set to be performed in Oklahoma to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in which hundreds of Black people were killed by ...