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Tory minister says face masks should not become a ‘sign of virtue’

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Face masks should not become a “sign of virtue”, a government minister has said as she and her Conservative colleagues come under pressure to lead by example and wear them in the House of Commons. Gillian Keegan, die ...

Tory MPs appear to heed Javid call to set example by wearing masks

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A call by the health secretary, Sajid Javid, for MPs to show more of an example over measures to combat Covid by wearing masks in the Commons has seemingly had an impact, with a notable increase in face covering on Co...

‘Covid is still around’: why Leicester shoppers are still wearing masks

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The people of Leicester know better than most of the consequences of high Covid case rates, having endured the longest lockdown in England, due to higher than average cases in 2020. As such, it is perhaps no surprise ...

Nadhim Zahawi: pupils may have to wear masks again if Covid cases rise

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Children could be forced to wear masks in schools across England again as part of the government’s back-up plan if the country’s Covid situation deteriorates significantly, the education secretary has admitted. Nadhim...

10 of the best hair masks

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I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t, op 'n sekere punt, complain about their hair. Too thin, too frizzy, too flat, too brittle, too pouffy – yes, apparently that’s a thing. Given the rate of dissatisfaction it is interest...

Johnson’s revamped cabinet cram into office – with no masks

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Boris Johnson’s new cabinet has met for the first time, assembling without masks in a packed room, as the prime minister delivered what he termed a “half-time pep talk” to his revamped team. Photos of the meeting show...

Boris Johnson says winter Covid measures may include ‘plan Bof home working and face masks – video

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Outlining the government's winter Covid-19 plan, Boris Johnson said the government will 'will keep further measures in reserve. A plan B.' These measures include face masks, advice to work from home and vaccine passpo...

Verpligte maskers kan hierdie winter terugkom, sê Sajid Javid

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Die gesondheidsekretaris het gesê dat die regering moontlik weer verpligte gesigmaskers moet instel en die publiek moet aanraai om tuis te werk, toe hy die regering se planne uiteengesit het om Covid in Engeland te hanteer..

UK Covid live: Javid unveils winter contingency ‘plan B’including vaccine passports and compulsory masks

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Coronavirus regstreeks: Suid -Afrika se reguleerder keur Pfizer -jab goed vir kinders 12 en oor; maskers kan in Engeland terugkeer as die gevalle in die winter opduik

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Die Suid -Afrikaanse Gesondheidsprodukte -owerheid sê die besluit is geneem nadat die opgedateerde veiligheidsinligting hersien is; Die winterplan van Boris Johnson kan die herinvoering van beperkings insluitend maskers en sosiale afstande behels

Florida schools can mandate masks, judge rules

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School districts in Florida may impose mask mandates, a judge said Friday, ruling that the state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, overstepped his authority by issuing an executive order banning the mandates. The L...

The best hydrating masks

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My skin is not dry, but it is dehydrated. There is a difference. Dry skin produces less sebum/oil than others. It can feel tight, flaky, uncomfortable… Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that denotes a loss of water,...

Nege in 10 in die Verenigde Koninkryk dra steeds maskers ondanks die einde van die Covid -kontroles

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Ongeveer nege in 10 mense in die Verenigde Koninkryk dra ten minste sommige van die tyd steeds gesigbedekkings, alhoewel dit nie meer verpligtend is nie, amptelike syfers toon. Die Kantoor vir Nasionale Statistiek (VSA) data dui op gesig ...

Texas school district requires masks after finding dress code loophole to bypass ban

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A school district in Texas has announced an amendment to their dress code, reportedly requiring face masks for all members, ahead of the school’s reopening on Thursday. An announcement issued on the website of the Par...

Die goewerneur van Texas wat teen maskers gekant was, toets positief vir Covid -video

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Die goewerneur van Texas, Greg Abbott, het Dinsdag positief getoets vir Covid-19, na weke bestee aan die verbod op plaaslike maskervereistes en ontmoeting met maskelose skares. Die Republikein is ten volle teen die virus ingeënt en word nie ....

The Texas Covid crisis worsens – why is the governor resisting masks?

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On Tuesday afternoon, a steady stream of customers flowed into Austin’s famed music store, Waterloo Records. Aisle after aisle, everyone wore masks. No mask, no vinyl. “Either you’re gonna fight and not be able to co...

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