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The Masked Dancer review: a ludicrous waste of time – but oh so much fun

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The Masked Singer usually occupies that lovely Saturday teatime slot that suits mindless television blessed with a touch of the surreal. That slot is why I have spent the past few weeks engrossed in I Can See Your Voi...

This week’s home entertainment: from Anne Boleyn to The Masked Dancer

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Jodie Turner-Smith stars as the titular Tudor queen in this fresh spin on the period drama. Examining Boleyn’s downfall through the prism of a psychological thriller, the three-part series focuses on her attempts at ...

Raid on Dieppe masked secret mission to steal Nazis’ Enigma machine

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Two years after ordering the mass internment of German refugees at the start of the second world war, the British government put a small, elite group of them in military uniforms and sent them on a secret cloak-and-da...

Crawley College staff praised for tackling masked gunman

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A heroic teacher and college worker have been praised for tackling and handing over to police a masked gunman who burst into a packed college allegedly firing a pistol, triggering panic and fear. An 18-year-old man re...

Masked moves and ballet in the bath: a year of digital dance

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The first time I cried watching someone dance in their living room was in April last year. A few weeks into the first lockdown, unnerved by sudden confinement, there was ballerina Céline Gittens on my laptop screen, b ...