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Ironing has a rival for my affections – the matchless, marvellous joy of log-stacking

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Those of us with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder crave absorption more than most. It would help if I were blessed with more practical skills. Basic competences in carpentry, knitting or even Lego would be so ...

In search of a marvellous meat-free treat? I have found the perfect fungus

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I have an excellent mushroom supplier in Croatia. Her name is Meri and she is well into her 70s. It’s really good gear she gets me, I promise you. I would put you in touch, but I want to keep this precious source to m...

Lobo Alicia: Revisión de Blue Weekend: maravillosa secuela de su ganador de Mercury

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En cada episodio de Better Call Saul de la televisión, hay al menos una escena extendida que se sumerge profundamente en el placer del trabajo. Típicamente, es un personaje que completa una tarea prosaica con diligencia sin diálogos. Se inicia...