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I’ve never seen a Marvel movie – so why not start with Thor: Love and Thunder?

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There are 29 movies in the Marvel universe – and until recently, I had seen none of them. Once there are that many movies, that many heroes, villains, plots, deaths, worlds lost, worlds regained, monsters destroyed – ...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness review – one for diehard Marvel fans

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By definition, multiverses are everywhere. But do they really need to be quite so ubiquitous? The multiverse concept triggered a playful, pinballing game of narrative tag in the Spider-Man franchise, and unleashes an ...

‘Why do they do that?’: Nicolas Cage isn’t down with the Coppola-Scorsese Marvel bashing

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Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese believe, variously, that Marvel movies are either “despicable” or “not cinema”. Coppola’s nephew Nicolas Cage this week revealed that his only problem with the Disney-owned sup...

Sarcastic superpower: why Bill Murray is the perfect Marvel villain

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Bill Murray’s confirmation that he is to play an unnamed villain in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania isn’t the first time a prestigious star has deigned to join the weird world of Marvel. Glenn Close tur...

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage review – a theatrical marvel

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Nearly two decades ago, Nicholas Hytner triumphantly staged Philip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials at the National Theatre. He returns to that questing world with this version of the first volume in another trilo...

The big picture: Marvel Harris captures a joyous moment during his gender transition

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When he was a child, Marvel Harris had always felt joyful in the rain, but in his teenage years he’d forgotten that feeling. In adolescence, Marvel, who is autistic, experienced depression and gender dysphoria which p...

True Stories: Spaces review – impressive short docs from folk horror to a Lebanese marvel

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Deeply psychogeographical, this collection of documentary shorts from the streaming platform True Story roams among spaces old and new, and across continents. Personal and public memories are intertwined, creating por...

Scarlett Johansson and a decade of gender politics in the Marvel universe

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In the history of Hollywood, there are far worse moments than the deeply cringeworthy one in Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark eyes up Black Widow and tells his aide: “I want one.” Anyone who has hit play on Pulp Fiction in ...

Marvel announces first gay Captain America

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A teenager who “stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten” is to become the first LGBTQ+ character to take on the mantle of Captain America. Marvel Comics is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the US hero with the ...