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Martínez cracker gives Inter hope but Liverpool advance after Sánchez red

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For Internazionale, it had the feel of an impossible job. In 34 previous European ties in which Liverpool had won the first leg away from home, the Premier League team had never failed to progress. Liverpool brought a...

Diego Martínez: ‘I saw English football and I had to experience it’

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“There were almost tears in my eyes, bloody hell,” Diego Martínez says. “Friday night, the first game I’d been at with fans for 18 maande. Brentford-Arsenal, back in the top division after 70-something years. Everyone...

Martínez shootout heroics propel Argentina into Copa América final

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Emiliano Martínez was the hero for Argentina as he saved three times in a shootout to take his team into a Copa América final match-up with Brazil after Tuesday’s semi-final against Colombia finished 1-1 na 90 my ...

MLS 2021 predictions: LAFC’s first title and the return of Josef Martínez

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The stage is set for the return of Josef Martínez. The Atlanta United forward has been one of the brightest stars in the league and he was sorely missed last campaign. ACL injuries aren’t quite as debilitating as they...

Garbiñe Muguruza is hitting top gear with Conchita Martínez in her corner

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Working with her compatriot and fellow Wimbledon champion has helped Muguruza find consistency and a new outlookAs the tennis season finally turned away from Australia and towards the Middle East this month, the Qatar...