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Martin Rowson on the Aukus military pact — cartoon

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Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson’s winter coronavirus plan – cartoon

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The Beauty Queen of Leenane review – Martin McDonagh’s raging black comedy returns

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Much has changed in Ireland since Martin McDonagh’s black comedy premiered in 1996, but the ramshackle Connemara hillside where this savage mother-daughter psychodrama plays out feels both petrified in perpetual darkn...

Martin Rowson on the end of the post-9/11 era – cartoon

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Martin Rowson on the easing of effluent discharge rules – cartoon

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Martin Figura creates poetic record of life during pandemic at Salisbury hospital

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One poem imagines an NHS nightshift worker at the height of the coronavirus crisis as an astronaut, adrift and untethered from a spacecraft. Another touches on the difficulty of trying to console a patient when the co...

Washington voting rights march marks Martin Luther King anniversary

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Theodore Dean marched in Washington DC in 1963, somewhere in the crowd behind Martin Luther King Jr. Exactly 58 years later, he decided to drive 16 hours from Alabama to do it again. “I’m here because I’ve got grandc...

Martin Rowson on the US and UK withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Martin Rowson on Joe Biden’s foreign policy — cartoon

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Overconfident and rebellious – Johnson will rue the day he made a Tory party in his own image

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Compared with the fate of the globe, that of Boris Johnson is infinitesimally trivial. Yet the two things are interconnected. A novembre, Johnson hosts what is likely to be a knife-edge Cop26 climate summit in Glasgo...

As our Olympians bring us together, so our politicians tear us apart

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I accept that the Olympic Games leave some people cold. There are those who don’t like sports at all. There are those who are scornful about some activities that now qualify as Olympic sports. Then there are those who...

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