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‘I’m begging the government to listen’: Martin Lewis on getting political, mental health and the cost of living crisis

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Martin Lewis is in his happy place. The keen walker is sitting in an outdoor cafe in a London park he loves, en, a couple of days shy of his 50th birthday, is a contented family man who assiduously expunges any swear...

Martin Rowson on Partygate and No 10 restructuring – cartoon

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Red Bull fume over ‘clone’ Aston Martin while Alonso rages at F1 stewards

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Formula One opened the European leg of the season in sweltering temperatures and an appropriately heated and fractious atmosphere in the paddock. Fernando Alonso launched a scathing attack on the FIA, the sport’s gove...

‘She told Martin Luther King: tell ’em about the dream!’ The eternal life of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson

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In 2018, following a bruising divorce, the British singer Sarah Brown was “broke, financially, emotionally and spiritually – I had nothing to live for”. At her lowest ebb, she turned to a voice that had given her cruc...

Martin Rowson on rising inflation – cartoon

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At ease, Martin Lewis – a queue of Tory MPs is here to solve the cost of living crisis

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Given the employee calibre and attrition rate of this government, it’s always a heart-in-mouth moment when they unleash a previously unheard-of minister on the airwaves. Much like the bit in the Simpsons where Mr Burn...

Martin Lewis apologises for swearing at Ofgem over energy price cap

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The consumer champion Martin Lewis has apologised for swearing at Great Britain’s energy regulator after it announced changes to its price cap on bills. Ofgem has confirmed it is planning to update the energy price ca...

Dynamism and soul: what Brendon McCullum will bring to England role

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English cricket has had a bit of a crush on New Zealand in recent times. From the buccaneering if ultimately thwarted World Cup campaign in 2015 that inspired Eoin Morgan’s white-ball side to silverware four years lat...

Ignore the pomp: thanks to Boris Johnson, Britain has never been less united

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You had only to watch a few minutes of the state opening of parliament to know that, in Britain, an old order is passing. Most comment has focused, naturally enough, on the enforced absence of the Queen, and on Prince...

Martin Rowson on the Queen’s speech – cartoon

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Liberal MP Fiona Martin denies mixing up Asian Australian candidates in debate with Sally Sitou

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Labor’s candidate for Reid is demanding an apology from Liberal MP Fiona Martin, claiming she has either confused her with another Asian Australian political aspirant or misled voters. In a debate between Martin and h...

Martin Rowson on the threat to Roe v Wade and Trump in 2024 – cartoon

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Martin Rowson on a dangerous week for Boris Johnson – cartoon

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