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‘Totally fresh and weird’: Marshall Brickman on Jersey Boys, Dylan and Woody Allen

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“When you describe it like that,” says Marshall Brickman, “it sounds like I’ve never been able to stick with anything I like!” I had given Brickman a quick run-through of his career highs, from scoring hits with folk ...

Fibromyalgia flattens me. Here’s what helps me cope with constant pain

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Sometimes it hits in the middle of hot yoga. One moment I’m working hard, dripping sweat; the next I’m flat on my back in corpse pose, trying – usually failing – to practise calm acceptance. When the class ends I migh...

Winston Marshall quits Mumford & Sons, citing free speech concerns

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Winston Marshall, guitarist-banjoist with chart-topping group Mumford & Sons, has quit the band following controversy around his support for Unmasked, a book decrying the leftist protest movement antifa. En marzo,...

Hidden UK homelessness is about to get so much worse, with Covid support being cut

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Rough sleeping is the most extreme and visible experience of poverty and injustice in the UK. Entonces, a year ago, when the pandemic hit and people were advised to “stay home”, the vulnerability and visibility of people on...

We’ve had information campaigns on Brexit and Covid. What about the climate?

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One of the key lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic is that strong policies require strong public engagement: people needed to understand the nature of the virus before they would tolerate constraints on their lives or pr...