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Una coppia lesbica sposata lancia un'azione contro la discriminazione contro il SSN

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Una coppia lesbica sposata sta lanciando un importante test legale contro un ramo del settore della fertilità del NHS England, sostenendo che discrimina le famiglie LGBT+. Influencer Megan Bacon-Evans, 34, e sua moglie W...

I am about to get married – but just tried to kiss a colleague. Should I tell my fiance?

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I have been with my partner for more than a decade and we are due to get married next month. My fiance is my best friend and everything has seemingly fallen into place. tuttavia, about a year ago, a colleague began to ...

‘Getting married rejuvenated me’: the over-65s tying the knot

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The number of people getting married over the age of 65 has increased in the past decade, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics. The Guardian spoke to three couples about online dating,...

Share your experiences of getting married over the age of 65

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Marriages among people over the age of 65 are on the rise, according to the Office for National Statistics, partly due to the increasing popularity of dating sites. With this in mind, we would like to hear your storie...

I have no idea what my husband told his wives when he married me

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Nura [non il suo vero nome] is a 42-year-old Kenyan woman. She lives in Senegal with her husband and his other wives. Ishmael and I met in 2018 on Muzmatch, a dating app for Muslims. I had been a convert for about four y...

Man with Alzheimer’s proposes to his wife after forgetting they were married. She said yes

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A married couple from Connecticut hosted a second, especially touching wedding ceremony when the groom, battling a type of dementia, proposed to his wife again after forgetting they were already married. Despite strug...

The Case of the Married Woman by Antonia Fraser review – justice delayed

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High up in the House of Lords there is a fresco depicting The Spirit of Justice, painted by Daniel Maclise in 1850. It’s a huge portrait of the 19th-century poet, novelist and campaigner Caroline Norton, her eyes cast...

Blind date: ‘He said, “Do you want to get married”’

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What were you hoping for?A cross between Tarzan and Louis Theroux. First impressions?He was a Louis Theroux and through. What did you talk about?Everything from meal deals to Shakespeare. (His fave deal is a question...

Come ci siamo conosciuti: ‘My sister and my dad were freaked out when I said I was getting married’

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Benjamin Speed was on holiday in Los Angeles when his friend suggested he meet Blanca Lista, a film producer. “I am a composer working in the film and TV industry, and he thought we’d have common interests,” Benjamin ...