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Swiss vote overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage, according to poll

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Swiss voters appear to have decided by a clear margin to allow same-sex couples to marry, according to a projection after a national referendum on Sunday. The projection, by the gfs.bern polling agency for Switzerland...

Switzerland gears up to vote in same-sex marriage referendum

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Swiss voters will determine on Sunday whether to allow same-sex couples to wed and enjoy the same rights as heterosexual marriage partners, after a bitter referendum campaign in one of the last western Europeans count...

James Rodríguez y Everton siempre fue un hermoso matrimonio condenado

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James Rodríguez se ha ido a Qatar en busca de trabajo, aunque a diferencia de muchos otros que han hecho el viaje antes que él, al menos puede conservar su pasaporte y se le permitirá salir cuando quiera.. El hechizante Colom..

El poder notarial no ayuda a abordar el matrimonio predatorio

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Gracias por publicar el artículo de Anna Moore sobre nuestra campaña contra el matrimonio predatorio. Hemos recibido muchos correos electrónicos de apoyo de los lectores. (Daphne Franks: la mujer que perdió a su amada madre a causa de un depredador ...

Lauren Groff on Fates and Furies: ‘I thought it would be interesting to write a book questioning marriage’

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I began Fates and Furies during the long, hot Florida summer of 2008. I was in a strange liminal space between the spring publication of my first novel, The Monsters of Templeton, and the birth of my first son at the ...

Daphne Franks: the woman who lost her much-loved mother to a predatory marriage

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According to Daphne Franks, her mother was 87 when she met Colman Folan. He passed by when Joan Blass was trimming her hedge, the two got talking and she invited him in. Even this was out of character for Blass, dice ...

Angelina Jolie ‘feared for her children’ during marriage to Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie has told the Guardian she feared for the safety of her children during her marriage to Brad Pitt and criticised the US government for not doing more to protect the rights of minors. En una entrevista con ...

Spencer review – Princess Diana’s disastrous marriage makes a magnificent farce

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Sandringham, Navidad 1991. Bare trees, frosted fields, dead pheasants on the drive. Inside the grand house the dining table has been laid in readiness, but one of the principal guests – arguably the main course – is...

‘We can do anything’: the Indian girls’ movement fighting child marriage

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Priyanka Bairwa was 15 when her family, began to look for a husband for her. The pandemic sped up the process, as schools shut and work dried up. By October 2020, her parents had settled on a suitable boy from their v...

A love from beyond the grave – Kurt Tong on his ‘ghost marriage’ photographs

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At the centre of Kurt Tong’s elaborate visual narrative Dear Franklin, there is a doomed love story that is also a ghost story. It traces the intertwined lives of Franklin Lung, a man who rose from poor beginnings to ...

Iran unveils state-approved Islamic dating app to boost marriage

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Iran has unveiled a state-sanctioned Islamic dating app aimed at facilitating “lasting and informed marriage” for its youth, state television reported. Called Hamdam – Farsi for “companion” – the service allows users ...

‘A woman trapped in an impossibly unhappy marriage‘: should Marge divorce Homer?

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In the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle it The miraculous thing about The Simpsons is not its tremendous longevity, nor ...

Singer-songwriter Stephen Fretwell returns: ‘I took a leap that cost me my marriage’

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En 2018, Stephen Fretwell was sitting in a class at the college where he had enrolled to do an A-level crammer course when a notification popped up on his phone. It was a link to a Pitchfork story about Arctic Monkeys...

The Engagement review: a tour de force on the fight for same-sex marriage

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Sasha Issenberg’s tour-de-force, 900-word chronicle of “America’s quarter-century struggle over same-sex marriage” might have been even better had it been given even a few illustrations. The New Yorker contributor Mi...

Methodist church allows same-sex marriage after vote

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The Methodist church has become the largest religious denomination in the UK to allow same-sex marriages, putting it at odds with the Church of England. A move to change the definition of marriage won overwhelming sup...

Boris Johnson’s outdone Henry VIII in having his third marriage blessed by the Catholic church

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The prime minister’s marriage to Carrie Symonds in Westminster Cathedral has left many Catholics with a question. If the mother church of the Catholic church in England and Wales can kill the fatted calf and welcome t...

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