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The left in France must vote against Le Pen – but Macron isn’t making it easy

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President Emmanuel Macron faced Marine Le Pen, his far-right challenger, in a televised debate on Wednesday ahead of Sunday’s crucial runoff vote. The media agreed that Macron had largely dominated the exchanges. View...

Why is Macron abolishing France’s school for the political class?

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Di giovedì 8 aprile, Emmanuel Macron announced the closure of the prestigious École Nationale d’Administration, France’s elite school for turning out senior civil servants and politicians. The president’s announcement...

As Covid cases in France surge, Macron’s superman image is fading fast

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France is in a “race against time” against Covid-19, Emmanuel Macron declared in a television broadcast this week. In an attempt to curb France’s soaring Covid case numbers, Macron has imposed a national lockdown, ext...

Sarkozy’s conviction shows, at last, French presidents may no longer be above the law

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Di lunedi, a criminal court in Paris handed down its verdict in Nicolas Sarkozy’s corruption trial. The former French president was sentenced to three years in jail – two of them suspended – for bribery and influence-...