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Abortion rights campaigner marks anniversary of RBG death with battle cry

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Marking the first anniversary of the death of the US supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cecile Richards warned that after nearly 50 jare, Republicans are on the brink of ending the right to abortion. “We must...

9/11 herdenking: Bush calls for unity as US marks 20 years since terror attacks – live

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Biden and Harris among leaders at ceremonies in New York, at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania• Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email

9/11 herdenking: Joe Biden vra vir eenheid as Amerikaanse merke 20 jaar - video

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Joe Biden het 'n beroep gedoen op eenheid soos die VSA onthou 2,977 mense wat hul lewens in die 9/11 aanvalle. 'Ons eer almal wat in die notule gevaar het en hul lewens gegee het, ure, maande en jare daarna,'H ...

Washington voting rights march marks Martin Luther King anniversary

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Theodore Dean marched in Washington DC in 1963, somewhere in the crowd behind Martin Luther King Jr. Exactly 58 years later, he decided to drive 16 hours from Alabama to do it again. “I’m here because I’ve got grandc...

Punte & Spencer shares surge 11% on surprise profit upgrade

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Shares in Marks & Spencer jumped 11% after the embattled retailer issued a surprise profit upgrade, as the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions helped sales bounce back to better than pre-pandemic levels in part...

Praatperde: Injury to St Mark’s Basilica takes shine off Ebor meeting

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The Juddmonte International Stakes at York was named the best race in the world for the first time in 2020, as Ghaiyyath beat three previous Group One winners and send it to the top of a list based on the end-of-seaso...

CBI and Marks & Spencer join calls for government to tackle ‘pingdemic’

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The UK’s top business lobby group and Marks & Spencer have joined a growing chorus urging the government to tackle a nationwide “pingdemic” by immediately amending the self-isolation policy for people notified by ...

The Didi clampdown marks a sea change in the politics of global investment

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It’s tech, it’s Chinese and it looks a bit like Uber, so it must be hugely valuable. That, we must assume, was the analysis of those US investors who piled into Didi last week as the ride-sharing app listed in New Yor...

St Mark’s Basilica wins Eclipse as card marred by photo-finish furore

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Ryan Moore ensured that most of the 4,000-strong crowd at Sandown at Saturday went home in high spirits as he brought St Mark’s Basilica with an irresistible run up the middle of the track to beat Addeybb and Mishriff...

‘Making China great again’: pomp and propaganda as CCP marks centenary

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In die somer van 1921, 13 young men severely disillusioned by China’s post-imperial development gathered in Shanghai to form a communist party. Aan 23 Julie, they convened in Shanghai’s French Concession and held the fi...

Eastbourne’s arty new hotel marks it out as a seaside town on the up

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The airy restaurant-cum-reception of Eastbourne’s newest hotel, Port, has blush pink walls hung with local art above mid-century modern furniture, and is filled with the clatter of sharing plates being passed around. ...

Biden meeting marks rare trip out of ‘bunker’ for Covid-cautious Putin

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For more than a year, people who have wanted to get within breathing distance of Vladimir Putin have performed a ritual, two-week quarantine in Russian hotels and sanatoriums to protect the 68-year-old president from ...

Biden calls for democracies to stand together as he marks first overseas trip as president – video

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Joe Biden marked his first overseas trip as US president, telling a crowd of US troops and their families at RAF Mildenhall the “the US is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest...

The ice cream owner who tried, failed – and now owes $200,000

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He tried, and he failed. But the worst part is he never got a chance to even start. And now he’s got a $200,000 debt to pay off. That’s the story of Jason Yu, a 30-year-old father of two who had the audacity to attemp...

Punte & Spencer to step up store closures after £201.2m loss

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Punte & Spencer is to step up store closures after diving £201.2m into the red after clothing and homeware sales slid by almost a third during the high street lockdowns. Food sales rose by 1.3% at established stor...

France still split over Napoleon as it marks bicentenary of death

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Aan 5 Mei 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte died in a surprisingly small bed surrounded by his French coterie in exile in a damp and reportedly rat-infested house on the British island of Saint Helena. His last words, uttered s...

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