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UK music streaming market faces competition scrutiny

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Britain’s competition watchdog is to launch a study into the music streaming market to assess the dominance of big record labels and platforms such as Spotify, and whether artists are getting a fair deal in the stream...

China’s booming real estate market could spell trouble for the economy

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In China today, the buzz is all about how the government there too has stumbled into an energy crisis with widespread power cuts. Yet this and other supply shocks will eventually pass, while the $300bn(£218bn) of debt...

Budget signs look good for Sunak, but is the jobs market unhealthy?

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Job vacancies are soaring, unemployment is down and redundancies remained low ahead of the furlough scheme ending. Two weeks before delivering his landmark post-lockdown budget, the signals appear at first glance to b...

Nobel economics prize jointly awarded to labour market expert David Card

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A labour market expert whose work influenced the introduction of the UK’s minimum wage has been named as a joint winner of the Nobel economics prize. David Card, a Canadian-born economist, was one of three US-based ac...

Ofgem says it needs to build a ‘more resilient’ UK energy market

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The energy regulator, Ofgem, has admitted that it needs to pay more attention to the potentially risky business models of small suppliers, amid a wave of company failures caused by whipsawing gas prices. Speaking at a...

‘Missing workforce’ could ease Britain’s labour market crisis

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When Caroline Cousin was made redundant from her job as a legal secretary in Greater Manchester during the first lockdown, she was warned she might be too old to find work again. “I didn’t realise I would struggle as ...

Oxford Covid biotech firm makes stellar debut on London stock market

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Oxford Nanopore, whose DNA sequencing technology has been essential in tracking Covid-19 variants globally, has made a stellar stock market debut in London. A rise in its share price of as much as 47% has left the fir...

UK energy market crisis: what caused it and how does it affect my bills?

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The UK’s wholesale energy markets have reached record highs in recent weeks. The trouble stems from a global surge in demand for gas following a cold winter that left gas storage facilities depleted, plus a rebound in...

Stock market pullback likely by year end, Deutsche Bank survey finds

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More than two-thirds of investors are anticipating a stock market pullback before the end of the year, navorsing dui daarop, amid concerns over growth prospects and the Covid-19 Delta variant. According to a poll of over...

Stock market correction of 5%-10% ‘likely before year end’, Deutsche Bank survey finds – business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial newsEarlier:

How loans have risen to dominate the Covid-affected transfer market

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Most people have probably not heard of John Docker given he made just a handful of appearances, as a teenager, for Torquay United at the start of their Division Three campaign in 1967. Egter, the diminutive winger w...

China property market rocked as giant Evergrande struggles to repay $300bn debts

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Shares in the embattled Chinese property giant Evergrande have slumped again after two credit downgrades in two days amid concerns that it will default on its massive $300bn debt pile. Evergrande, which is one of the ...

Jobs market rebound has led to UK wage inflation and worker shortages, says Hays

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A “dramatic” recovery in the jobs market has led to wage inflation and shortages of qualified workers in some industries, according to the UK recruiter Hays. Recruiters’ fees are closely correlated to the strength of ...

Power station firms to pay £6m after breaking market manipulation laws

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Two companies linked to a UK power station capable of supplying up to 1m homes are to pay £6m after breaking market manipulation laws. For more than a year, ESB Independent Generation Trading (ESBIGT) and Carrington P...

The Guardian view on post-Covid recovery: powered by the state not the market

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The Conservative party hooked British capitalism to the state’s life support system for the past 18 maande. So it takes chutzpah to think, as business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng does, of putting the free market at the h...

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic plans stock market listing

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The British airline Virgin Atlantic is considering raising funds on the London Stock Exchange in an attempt to shore up its balance sheet. The listing, which is expected to be announced in the autumn, is likely to see...

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