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In Hollywood, nothing gets resurrected more often than Mel Gibson

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News that Mel Gibson is to star in the John Wick prequel TV series sends out a cry amongst the faithful. Mel is risen! Yet again! sí, the boulder has once more been rolled away from the tomb of cancellation, partida ...

Our green royals – saving the planet one helicopter ride at a time

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I understand why they go out, “but it isn’t helpful to do it in a way that alienates people,” explained Prince Charles of Insulate Britain, in an interview this week in which he also revealed, somewhat alienatingly, t ...

Welcome to the Tory conference: this year staged in the Soviet-Union-on-Thames

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Experience wonder this autumn as we head for Tory conference, dónde, according to Lord Frost, the “British Renaissance has begun”. Are you enjoying the British Renaissance? It’s like the Italian Renaissance, only inst...

All women know they are prey – and that no one with any authority seems to care

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Cressida Dick must be the last woman in the country who thinks there may be “lessons” to be learned from Wayne Couzens’s rape and murder of Sarah Everard. Por lo menos 80 women in the UK have been killed by men since Ever...

Labour conference rivals Matt Hancock’s meet-and-greet video for pure viral horror

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El domingo, I watched a video of Matt Hancock doing a constituency walkabout, which our former Covid overlord posted and then deleted from his own Twitter account. It’s unclear how many hours or even days of footage th...

Marina Abramović: ‘I think about dying every day’

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I’ll be 75 en noviembre. My grandmother, who lived to be 103, told me that 70 is when life starts to be really interesting. You’re free to do whatever you want, you have all the wisdom to do that. What sucks is if you’...

Si tan solo el Reino Unido pudiera comprar en pánico a los primeros ministros que saben lo que están haciendo

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¿Es la legendaria Unidad Nudge del gobierno en una tabla de remo en algún lugar de Creta?? Tienes que preguntar, después de que Downing Street instó a la gente a no entrar en pánico: comprar gasolina, una pieza de ciencia del comportamiento que casi garantiza que las personas pasen..

It seems the Conservatives failed to fix the country while the gas was flowing

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Dark days loom – perhaps literally – as Britain’s energy situation moved from a “squeeze” to a “crisis” over the weekend, rising swiftly through the gears of journalistic alarm. You can hang around in the crisis class...

Like herpes simplex, Johnson’s ministers had begun to seem like a lifelong condition

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A huge week for the Westminster village and its many idiots, luego, as Boris Johnson finally got around to shuffling his cabinet. It’s always a thrill to see one’s ministerial bestiary gain some new entries – and, inde...

GB News may be useless at news – but it’s Britain’s top channel for luvvie drama

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News that Andrew Neil is to leave GB News as lead presenter and chairman was, in typical fashion, broken a while ago and by reporters for outlets other than GB News. It’s a shame the station’s journalists weren’t firs...

Jeff Bezos is on a quest for eternal life – back on Earth, we’re searching for Amazon’s taxes

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Por un lado, it makes huge sense for Jeff Bezos to pour millions into a company seeking the secret to eternal life. Karmic reincarnation may only be an outside possibility. But Jeff should hedge against the likeli...

The prince, his valet and a Saudi billionaire: meritocracy in action

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One of my favourite modern curiosities is the “diversity and inclusion” page on the official website of the British royal family. “We are proud to champion diversity throughout the organisation,” this auto-satirical c...

If he wasn’t Johnson’s fall guy, Raab would be up the creek without a paddleboard

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According to the movies, a dead body can be used as a pretty much bulletproof human shield. You know the kind of scene. Under heavy attack, a character grabs the nearest corpse to hand and holds it in front of him, su...

Dominic Raab – the foreign secretary who phones it in

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Is it possible to appear muscular while making a phone call? It is certainly the look that furiously committed political man Dominic Raab seems to have gone for, in an official picture released by his department as he...

Can someone fill in Dominic Raab about the news? He only watches it on catchup

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What is the role of foreign secretary in the era of Global Britain? News that Dominic Raab was spotted lounging on a beach in Crete on the day Kabul fell certainly sends a message. The suspicion must be that the posit...

Is young Rishi about to shunt an ageing Boris into the role of wicked queen?

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Bloodcurdling shrieks from Downing Street, where Boris Johnson recently beheld a most enraging sight in his magic mirror (bespoke handcrafted rattan, Soane, price on application). Instead of responding to his daily qu...

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