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Marijuana farmers blamed for water theft as drought grips American west

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Extreme and prolonged drought in the American west is prompting water thieves to tap into other people’s scarce supplies. More than 12bn gallons of water have been stolen in California in the past eight years, accordi...

Mexico’s high court strikes down laws that ban use of recreational marijuana

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Mexico’s supreme court has struck down laws prohibiting the use of recreational marijuana, moving the country toward cannabis legalisation even as the country’s congress drags its feet on a legalisation bill. In an 8-...

Gun rights and medical marijuana activists join forces in Minnesota

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Gun rights and medical marijuana legal reform advocates are seeking to join forces in Minnesota, where they hope to petition the federal government to drop its severe classification of marijuana. The coalition of stra...

New York lawmakers reach agreement to legalize recreational marijuana

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New York state legislators reached an agreement late Saturday to legalize recreational marijuana sales in the state. Almeno 14 other US states already allow residents to buy marijuana for recreational and not just m...