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Elisa Balsamo beats tearful Marianne Vos to world road race title

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Ripping up the script written by the Dutch women in the past four world championships, the Italian Elisa Balsamo snatched the road race title from under the noses of a dominant Netherlands squad. One of the sport’s gr...

My favourite Dylan song – by Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Tom Jones, Judy Collins and more

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Desolation Row (1965) I was playing Bob Dylan records at my parents’ house when he was still an acoustic folk singer, but he was already very important and his lyrics were on point. The delivery isn’t just the words,...

Marianne Faithfull, AJ Tracey and more: May’s best album reviews

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Marianne Faithfull with Warren Ellis: She Walks in Beauty review – a magical return

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She Walks in Beauty marks the culmination of Marianne Faithfull’s longstanding love of the Romantic poets, first kindled at convent school in Reading in the early 1960s. Aquí, the works of Keats, Byron, Shelley, Tenny...

What links Marianne Faithfull with Queen and Bing Crosby? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Granizo, Columbia is which politician’s entrance march?2 What unappealing ingredient is in the Sardinian cheese casu marzu?3 Which Asian state, población 23 millón, is not a UN member?4 What distinguishes a carom bil...