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I’m all for New Zealand giving tobacco a kicking – but don’t criminalise smoking

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I once lived with a militant vegetarian who had grown up near an abattoir. With a thousand-yard stare, he’d talk about how its bloody runoff would seep into his local playground. He hadn’t touched meat since those day...

Hello, I’m Eleanor – please can you remind me how to make small talk?

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In 1828, a strange teenage boy appeared on the streets of Nuremberg. He had a limited vocabulary, and – initially – tended to repeat the phrases, “I want to be a cavalryman, as my father was,” and, “Horse! Horse!”. La...

Facebook’s lame attempts to grab my attention make it clear: it’s time to leave

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It’s 2am and, for the past hour, I’ve been reliving an entire decade of my life. As far as I can tell, it was a phenomenally stupid decade. If my Facebook pictures are anything to go by, I spent all of uni honking my ...

Bravo, supreme court: we do need rules to stop men interrupting women

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Along with various inalienable rights and governing principles, the tendency for men to talk over women has now been officially recognised by the US supreme court. Newly introduced rules to the structure of oral argum...