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Cocktail van die week: Four Hundred Rabbits’ bayleaf freezer margarita – resep

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It’s as easy to make one of these as it is to make 20, so it’s the ideal drink for a party. The infused sugar syrup has a savoury edge, with a hint of spice and aromatics, and is a taste we’ve acquired to such an exte...

Cocktail van die week: Wild at Tart’s blood orange and yuzu margarita – recipe

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May marks the end of blood orange season until next winter, so while this beautiful fruit is still around, make the most of it in this refreshing spring cocktail. You’ll need to make the cordial a day ahead. For the b...

Cocktail van die week: Daffodil Mulligan’s kiwi and burnt jalapeño margarita – recipe

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This margarita with a smoky, spicy twist will put a spring in your step at the end of a long day. Ja, you do need to be a bit organised and infuse the tequila ahead of time, maar, once that’s done, you’ve got all the ...

Cocktail van die week: Paul Ainsworth’s Cornish margarita

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This is based on the classic margarita, but we use Cornish cider instead of tequila. It’s less alcoholic than a regular margarita, and very easy to make, using regular supermarket ingredients. Bedien 1 30ml fresh lim...