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‘Saddest March of our lives’: Brazilians lament Covid devastation as critics decry Bolsonaro

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Like so many on Brazil’s left, Pedro Carvalho was certain Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency would prove a nightmare: for human rights, for the environment and for the national health system the 41-year-old doctor cherishes ...

Tbilisi Pride march cancelled after far-right attack on headquarters

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Organisers have cancelled a Pride march in Georgia after far-right demonstrators stormed LGBTQ activists’ headquarters and attacked journalists in violence that the country’s prime minister appeared to blame on the ev...

Duisende optog in Vrye Palestynse saamtrekke in Sydney en Melbourne

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Jeanine Hourani woon al sedert sy in 'n stootwaentjie betogings by om 'n vryheid vir Palestina. 'Ek grap altyd dat ons as Palestyne te veel leer voordat ons leer loop,”Lag sy. Maar selfs nog steeds, sy ...

Washington voting rights march marks Martin Luther King anniversary

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Theodore Dean marched in Washington DC in 1963, somewhere in the crowd behind Martin Luther King Jr. Exactly 58 jare later, he decided to drive 16 hours from Alabama to do it again. “I’m here because I’ve got grandc...

US Covid deaths dip below 300 a day for first time since March 2020

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There was good news for Joe Biden on Monday, as US deaths from Covid-19 dipped below 300 a day for the first time since March last year. Data from federal sources also showed the drive to put shots in arms at home app...

Anti-vaxxers denounce Covid testing centre in ‘freedom’ march through Milton Keynes

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Confused anti-vaccine protesters entered a test and trace centre in Milton Keynes on Wednesday, appearing to believe it was a coronavirus vaccine centre, where they were filmed shouting abuse at staff and appearing to...

MLK’s family and activists honor civil rights leader with voting rights march

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The family of Martin Luther King Jr and other civil rights activists in America are honoring the late civil rights leader on Monday by pushing for expanded federal voting rights legislation despite political oppositio...

The march of time: unionism braced for an election that could put Sinn Féin in power

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Drums, flutes and the tramp of marching feet resounded across Northern Ireland last week in the latest round of protests against the protocol which imposes checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea as part of the Brexit ...

Arrests as thousands march against Covid lockdown in London

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Thousands of people have marched through central London under a heavy police presence to protest against lockdown measures, and at least 13 were arrested. Demonstrators gathered at Speakers’ Corner by Hyde Park at abo...

Women must still march, always march, everything and nothing changes

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All Covid restrictions in England could end in March under No 10 plans

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Geen 10 is drawing up plans to phase out England’s remaining pandemic restrictions from as early as March as a beleaguered Boris Johnson signals to his backbenchers that he is prepared to let the UK live with the virus....

A wet March makes a sad autumn? How Victorians viewed weather

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The Victorians did not have much idea what caused weather patterns but they knew what effect they had on their welfare. Enquire Within Upon Everything, “the indispensable guide to living”, published in 1856, poses man...

Maart 4 Justice attendees tell Guardian Australia why they march – video

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Thousands join March 4 Justice rallies across Australia. 'I am marching today because respect for women comes from the top and we demand better from our parliamentary leaders,' one attendee tells Guardian Australia. A ...

NHS England waiting list reaches another record high in March

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The waiting list for NHS hospital care in England has reached another record high, and health service bosses say “skyrocketing” demand is likely to make treatment delays even worse. The number of people waiting for su...

‘We must march forward’: Kamala Harris commemorates Bloody Sunday anniversary in Selma

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US vice president Kamala Harris visited Selma, Alabama on Sunday to commemorate a defining moment in the fight for the right to vote, making her trip as congressional efforts to restore the landmark 1965 Voting Rights...

UK flights to the US resume as travel ban lifts; UK consumer confidence lowest since March – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus, as transatlantic leisure flights resume….and UK households grow more anxious

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