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Mexico’s president defends decision to barricade palace ahead of women’s march

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The Mexican president has claimed that a metallic barrier to wall off the presidential palace ahead of a planned women’s march is intended to avoid provocation and protect historic buildings from vandalism. In a count...

Coronavirus live nuus: China reports highest cases since January; India reports lowest infections since March

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China confirms 143 nuwe sake, the highest number since 20 Januarie; Indië berig 28,204 infeksies, lowest since 16 Maart; record hospitalisations in US state of Arkansas

Liz Truss under pressure as rivals steal march in Tory leadership race

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Liz Truss will seek to reinvigorate her campaign to be the next prime minister by promising an “aspiration nation” on Thursday, after she was unexpectedly beaten into third place by Penny Mordaunt in the first round o...

UK records warmest March day in 53 years with 24.5C temperatures

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More warm weather predicted before mercury dips in time for Easter weekendThe UK recorded its warmest March day in 53 years on Tuesday as temperatures rose above 24C, with the Met Office predicting they could get clos...

Liverpool march on, for now, and Agüeroooooooo – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden, Nick Ames, Philippe Auclair and Robyn Cowen cover the few Premier League games that went amid a wave of postponements How to listen to podcasts: everything you n...

Matt Hancock ‘was warned of Covid care home risk in March 2020’

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Some of the UK’s biggest care home operators have told the Guardian they repeatedly warned Matt Hancock’s department about the risk of not testing people discharged from hospitals into care homes in March 2020. Their ...

US inflation climbed to 8.5% in Maart, highest rate since 1981

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Prices in the US climbed at their highest rates since 1981, stygende 8.5% over the year to the end of March as the war in Ukraine drove up energy costs for Americans, the labor department announced on Tuesday. The lates...

‘Pandemic of patriarchy’: Pakistani women defy threats to hold march

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A march during the time of Covid is a difficult thing to plan safely. For Pakistan’s women, determined to have their “Aurat March” today, there are other risks – to their physical safety as well as of online abuse and...

Caldor fire continues march to Lake Tahoe as winds expected to pick up

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The Caldor fire continued its slow march toward the Lake Tahoe resort region on Friday, as crews worked in rugged terrain to hold the lines of the blaze. Winds and temperatures are expected to pick up in coming days w...

Protest march called in Belfast after deaths of 14 hawelose mense

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A homeless charity has called on activists and supporters to march through Belfast on Saturday to protest against a sharp increase in the number of people dying on the streets of Northern Ireland’s capital. The mayor,...

UK weather: Wednesday could be hottest March day on record

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Spell of early spring warm weather continues after record 24.5C on TuesdayThe UK could see the hottest March day on record on Wednesday, het voorspellers gesê, as the spell of early spring warm weather continues.It ha...

Anti-vaxxers denounce Covid testing centre in ‘freedom’ march through Milton Keynes

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Confused anti-vaccine protesters entered a test and trace centre in Milton Keynes on Wednesday, appearing to believe it was a coronavirus vaccine centre, where they were filmed shouting abuse at staff and appearing to...

US airline industry rebounds as 2m travel for first time since March 2020

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The airline industry’s recovery from the pandemic passed a milestone as more than 2 million people streamed through US airport security checkpoints on Friday for the first time since early March 2020. The Transportat...

The march of time: unionism braced for an election that could put Sinn Féin in power

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Drums, flutes and the tramp of marching feet resounded across Northern Ireland last week in the latest round of protests against the protocol which imposes checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea as part of the Brexit ...

Roosevelt plots route out of economic depression – archive, 11 Maart 1933

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New York, March 10While plans are being hurried on to permit the reopening of solvent banks by Monday, Mr Roosevelt today asked Congress for authority to make drastic economies in the cost of government in order to ba...

Washington voting rights march marks Martin Luther King anniversary

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Theodore Dean marched in Washington DC in 1963, somewhere in the crowd behind Martin Luther King Jr. Exactly 58 jare later, he decided to drive 16 hours from Alabama to do it again. “I’m here because I’ve got grandc...

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