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Mexico’s president defends decision to barricade palace ahead of women’s march

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The Mexican president has claimed that a metallic barrier to wall off the presidential palace ahead of a planned women’s march is intended to avoid provocation and protect historic buildings from vandalism. In a count...

‘Pandemic of patriarchy’: Pakistani women defy threats to hold march

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A march during the time of Covid is a difficult thing to plan safely. For Pakistan’s women, determined to have their “Aurat March” today, there are other risks – to their physical safety as well as of online abuse and...

Roosevelt plots route out of economic depression – archive, 11 Maart 1933

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New York, March 10While plans are being hurried on to permit the reopening of solvent banks by Monday, Mr Roosevelt today asked Congress for authority to make drastic economies in the cost of government in order to ba...

A wet March makes a sad autumn? How Victorians viewed weather

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The Victorians did not have much idea what caused weather patterns but they knew what effect they had on their welfare. Enquire Within Upon Everything, “the indispensable guide to living”, published in 1856, poses man...

Women’s March 4 Justice live: protests in Melbourne, Sydney, at Parliament House and across Australia

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Meer as 100,000 women are expected to march in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to demand action in response to allegations of workplace abuse. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Maart 4 Justice attendees tell Guardian Australia why they march – video

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Thousands join March 4 Justice rallies across Australia. 'I am marching today because respect for women comes from the top and we demand better from our parliamentary leaders,' one attendee tells Guardian Australia. A ...

Brittany Higgins spreek Maart toe 4 Geregtigheid vergader namate vroue dwarsoor Australië eis

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Voormalige liberale personeellid en Grace Tame onder diegene wat tienduisende betogers toespreek en die beëindiging van geslagsgeweld beëindig. Brittany Higgins se stem het gebewe toe sy die skare buite die parlementshuis toegespreek het..

Women must still march, always march, everything and nothing changes

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Thousands attend March 4 Justice rallies across Australia – video report

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Thousands of women have marched at events across the country to demand action in response to allegations of workplace abuse and gendered violence. In Canberra, in front of Parliament House, Brittany Higgins made a pow...

Arrests as thousands march against Covid lockdown in London

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Thousands of people have marched through central London under a heavy police presence to protest against lockdown measures, and at least 13 were arrested. Demonstrators gathered at Speakers’ Corner by Hyde Park at abo...

‘Saddest March of our lives’: Brazilians lament Covid devastation as critics decry Bolsonaro

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Like so many on Brazil’s left, Pedro Carvalho was certain Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency would prove a nightmare: for human rights, for the environment and for the national health system the 41-year-old doctor cherishes ...

UK records warmest March day in 53 years with 24.5C temperatures

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More warm weather predicted before mercury dips in time for Easter weekendThe UK recorded its warmest March day in 53 years on Tuesday as temperatures rose above 24C, with the Met Office predicting they could get clos...

UK weather: Wednesday could be hottest March day on record

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Spell of early spring warm weather continues after record 24.5C on TuesdayThe UK could see the hottest March day on record on Wednesday, het voorspellers gesê, as the spell of early spring warm weather continues.It ha...

John Oliver to ‘white America’: ‘March in the streets and demand a better country’

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John Oliver began Sunday’s Last Week Tonight by acknowledging the horrific timelessness of another monologue about police shootings in the US, after a week in which police killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn ...

Thousands march through London in biggest ‘kill the bill’ protest yet

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Thousands of protesters have marched through central London against the new police, misdaad, vonnisoplegging en howewetsontwerp, in the biggest protest under the “kill the bill” banner to have taken place so far. After gatherin...

Minna Heeraman had an aggressive cancer. Did the March 2020 treatment shutdown shorten her life?

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When Minna Heeraman’s friends knew that she was dying, they made a video for her to watch from the hospital bed she had set up in her living room. It was a goodbye video. One after another, her friends spoke to the ca...

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