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Simone Manuel: interviews just after poor Olympic performances should stop

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Two-time Olympic champion Simone Manuel has called for a halt to interviews immediately after athletes have suffered disappointing performances. The American swimmer made the remarks on Twitter on Friday evening. “Pl...

Manuel Villet obituary

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My friend, Manuel Villet, che è morto invecchiato 90, had a career as an international concert pianist and accompanist, and was hailed as one of the greatest pianists to emerge from South Africa. He was a gentle and genuine...

Olympic champion Simone Manuel fails to make 100m freestyle final at US trials

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In the biggest surprise yet at the US swimming trials, reigning Olympic champion and two-time defending world champion Simone Manuel failed to advance from the semi-finals in the 100m freestyle Thursday night. Manuel...

Katie Ledecky wins fourth title in return meet as Simone Manuel takes 50m free

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Katie Ledecky won the 800m freestyle in Texas on Saturday night for her fourth title in her first national competition in a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Her winning time of 8 minuti, 13.64 seconds at th...