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Coronavirus regstreeks: UK booster shot rollout for vulnerable a ‘chaotic failure’; Covid pass now mandatory for all workers in Italy

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The programme giving booster shots to immunocompromised is floundering, UK charities warn; Italy’s strict vaccine mandate is expected to bring fresh protests and staff shortages

Italy braced for unrest as Covid pass becomes mandatory for all workers

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Italy is bracing itself for further unrest and labour market mayhem as the strictest vaccine mandate in Europe takes effect on Friday. All workers will be obliged to present a coronavirus health pass before entering t...

Which countries are enforcing mandatory Covid jabs – and how?

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Following the decision by the US president, Joe Biden, to introduce a vaccine mandate for millions of workers, and the UK’s decision to row back on its push to require vaccine passports for nightclubs and other crowde...

Verpligte maskers kan hierdie winter terugkom, sê Sajid Javid

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Die gesondheidsekretaris het gesê dat die regering moontlik weer verpligte gesigmaskers moet instel en die publiek moet aanraai om tuis te werk, toe hy die regering se planne uiteengesit het om Covid in Engeland te hanteer..

Italy could soon make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory, sê PM

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Italy’s prime minister has announced his government could make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory, sparking a row in the country that has seen a recent rise in protests and violence from anti-vaxxers. During a press conferen...

The end of mandatory Covid masks in England: four readers share their views

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Van 19 July onwards, people in England will be allowed to make their own decisions about what kind of behaviour is safe, and the legal obligation to wear a face mask will disappear, Boris Johnson has announced. Four ...

Why suggesting mandatory Covid vaccines is an ethical minefield

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Last week we learned of a government consultation expected to announce mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for care home staff, and possibly NHS staff too. This sparked debate as to the ethics and legality of such a move,...

Opdatering van Victoria Covid: masks to remain mandatory outdoors in Melbourne after four new Covid cases detected

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Melbourne’s lockdown will come to an end on Friday as planned but masks will remain mandatory outdoors, as the state recorded another four new locally acquired cases of coronavirus. Queensland also recorded another ca...

Aaron Rodgers’ rift with Packers deepens as QB skips mandatory training camp

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Aaron Rodgers wasn’t with the Green Bay Packers for their first mandatory minicamp session Tuesday, the latest chapter in the standoff between the team and their MVP quarterback. Rodgers also hadn’t participated in th...

Greek plan for mandatory neutering to tackle strays hits opposition

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Greece’s perennial problem of stray cats and dogs has been brought into sharp focus by outrage from vets and breeders over proposed legislation that seeks to make animal neutering mandatory. The country has one of the...

Mandatory voter ID will cost £40m over a decade, Labour estimates

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A controversial policy to oblige all voters to show photo ID before voting in future elections will cost around £40m in extra government spending over a decade, Labour has said, calling the policy “a total waste of ta...

Mandatory voter ID would dangerously undermine UK democracy

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Last week millions of voters across Britain went to the ballot box in a bumper set of elections. But government plans to restrict access to the ballot box could mean that Thursday’s elections will have been among the ...

Why is a mandatory levy on the UK’s gambling industry still a roll of the dice?

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The government must force betting firms to pay heavily to treat gambling addiction – not rely on their goodwillThat betting firms should contribute to funding treatment for gambling addiction is beyond dispute these d...

Mandatory Covid jabs for NHS staff could be discriminatory, top doctor says

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Dr Habib Naqvi also says move could widen inequalities and increase workplace bullyingA mandatory Covid vaccination policy for NHS staff in England could be discriminatory, widen inequalities and increase workplace bu...