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Florida aims to pay $5,000 to out-of-state police who resist vaccine mandates

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The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, plans to offer $5,000 bonuses to lure police officers from other states who resist vaccine mandates. “We’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enfo...

Religious exemptions threaten to undermine US Covid vaccine mandates

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Este mes, California became the first state to require Covid-19 vaccines for all schoolchildren but the provision came with a loophole: students will be granted religious exemptions. California, which currently has ...

Mothers sue after children catch Covid at Wisconsin schools with no mandates

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Two Wisconsin mothers whose children had Covid-19 in September have sued their school districts, for “needlessly and recklessly endangering the health and safety” of their children and other students. Both lawsuits a...

Coronavirus en vivo: Biden urges vaccine mandates; Papua New Guinea faces worst wave yet

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Biden said the unvaccinated have “put our economy at risk”; Papua New Guinea hospitals hit by worst Covid wave yet

Idaho lieutenant governor bans vaccine mandates while governor out of state

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Idaho’s Republican governor, Brad Little, temporarily left the state on Tuesday on government business and his deputy, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, immediately began issuing rightwing orders while she was tem...

New York mandates vaccines for health workers – how will it play out?

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Erie County Medical Center, a hospital in the western New York city of Buffalo, just recorded its highest single-day patient count ever – 553 patients in a facility licensed for 573 beds – but not because of an influx...

US vaccine mandates induce bad case of rightwing hysteria – that could worsen

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When Joe Biden announced sweeping federal coronavirus vaccine requirements for 100 million Americans, the White House was braced for objections from Republican opponents. But this being 2021, the rightwing backlash ha...

Trevor Noah on Biden’s vaccination mandates: ‘He’s not messing around’

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Trevor Noah unveiled a new, restyled Daily Show studio on Monday evening – his first show after a month-long hiatus and first return to the studio since March 2020. The in-studio Daily Show has returned, but vaccinati...

Biden’s hard line on vaccine mandates draws praise and pushback

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Joe Biden’s new hard line on vaccine mandates in America has dropped in an already politically fraught environment, where some governors have banned the use of masks in schools even as many experts lament low rates of...

Stephen Colbert: ‘Vaccine mandates have a proud, patriotic history in this country’

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“The biggest story today is that the coronavirus refuses to stop being the biggest story every day,” said Stephen Colbert on Thursday evening. “Thanks to Delta, the pandemic numbers are as bad as they were back in Mar...

From vaccine mandates to a chatting ban: how schools in the Asia Pacific are managing Delta

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As countries across Asia battle worsening Covid outbreaks, schools face particular challenges in keeping children and teachers safe. Some countries – determined that classrooms stay open – are relying on measures like...

America mulls vaccine mandates – will they work?

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As cases of the Delta coronavirus variant have risen and vaccination rates slowed, several US businesses and institutions have announced they will now require vaccinations from employees. Major companies like Walmart...

Oklahoma Republicans: vaccine mandates like Nazi persecution of Jewish people

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The Oklahoma Republican party faced fierce criticism on Friday for a Facebook post likening Covid-19 vaccine mandates to the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi Germany. The post on the party’s official Facebook pa...

California sees a sharp increase in Covid cases and a return to mask mandates

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Just over a month after the Golden state dropped all its coronavirus safety restrictions, numerous parts of California are seeing a dramatic increases in Covid-19 infections that have prompted counties to reinstate ma...

France mandates Covid health pass for restaurants and cafés

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Anyone entering a restaurant, café, shopping centre, hospital or taking a long-distance train in France will have to show a special Covid health pass from August, Emmanuel Macron has announced, as France tightens rest...

Backlash expected as hundreds of US colleges introduce vaccine mandates

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After a year of “Zoom University”, colleges and universities are looking at the Covid-19 vaccine as the key to normalcy in the fall. But as with all things Covid in the US, it’s unlikely they will get there without so...