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‘Don Quixote-like quest’: Ukraine attack and easing Covid mandates leave US trucker protest on the fringe

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Ryan Wright stood around a campfire in Lupton, Arizona, a town on the Navajo reservation where members of an American trucker convoy protest were resting for the night. As the fire flickered he discussed a conspiracy ...

Covid live: Germany to begin rollout of Novavax’s jab; New Zealand to end vaccine mandates after Omicron peak

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Nuutste opdaterings: Germany hopes protein-based vaccine comparable to flu jabs will help sway people sceptical of mRNA vaccines

Ottawa protests: how did the rallies against vaccine mandates begin and what’s next?

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For more than a week, the centre of Canada’s capital city has been paralysed by protestors who have blockaded the downtown area with trucks and cars. City police have described the protest as a “siege” and on Sunday t...

Thousands join protest in Canada against Covid vaccine mandates

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Thousands held a loud but peaceful protest in Canada’s capital Ottawa against prime minister Justin Trudeau’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates, on the streets and snow-covered lawn in front of parliament. The so-called “Free...

Fox News host Tucker Carlson compares vaccine mandates to ‘Nazi experiments’

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The Fox News host Tucker Carlson has compared coronavirus vaccine mandates imposed by Joe Biden’s government to medical experiments conducted by Nazi Germany and imperial Japan. “I thought that we had a kind of conse...

California prosecutor who campaigned against vaccine mandates dies of Covid

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A deputy district attorney from California who regularly spoke out against vaccine mandates has died of complications from Covid-19. Kelly Ernby, 46, a prosecutor from Orange county, southern California, who recently ...

Doug Ericksen, state senator who fought vaccine mandates, sterf by 52

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Doug Ericksen, a staunch conservative Washington state senator who led Donald Trump’s campaign in the north-western state and was an outspoken critic of Democratic governor Jay Inslee’s Covid-19 pandemic emergency ord...

Do Covid vaccine mandates work?

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In Australië, where employment-related mandates on the coronavirus vaccine were introduced months ago, the stories of two women demonstrate how such measures can work – and how they can backfire. Nicola Davis reports ...

‘I don’t like mandates’: Germans and Austrians on new Covid measures

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The German government has announced a lockdown for the unvaccinated and is considering making Covid vaccines mandatory, after weeks of record infections in the country and much of German-speaking Europe. In Austria, t ...

Republicans threaten government shutdown to undermine vaccine mandates

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Republicans are preparing to shut down the American government on Friday, in the latest attempt by the party to thwart White House efforts to increase vaccine take-up, by undermining vaccine mandates across the countr...

Republicans boost benefits for workers who quit over vaccine mandates

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Some Republican states are expanding unemployment benefits for employees who have been fired or quit over vaccine mandates, a move critics say in effect pays people for not getting vaccinated. Four states – Iowa, Ten...

Austria is showing that vaccine mandates are no longer unthinkable

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In the past few weeks, Austria has hit many new Covid-19 records – none of them good. Aan 18 November there were 15,145 nuwe gevalle aangeteken, the largest number seen since the pandemic began. And the seven-day average fo...

Coronavirus nuus regstreeks: Europa Covid sterftes styg 10% binne `n week, 10 Amerikaanse state dagvaar oor entstofmandate

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Europa is die enigste streek waar beide Covid-gevalle en sterftes geleidelik toeneem, sê wie; 10 Republikeinse geleide Amerikaanse state daag Biden se entstofmandaat vir gesondheidswerkers uit

Op die oog af: Covid-entstofmandaat regoor die wêreld

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Die Verenigde Koninkryk het Dinsdag die jongste land geword wat entstofmandate ingestel het nadat die regering aangekondig het dat alle NHS-werkers teen volgende lente gesteek moet word. Alhoewel verpligte skote in baie ander bestel is...

Covid nuus regstreeks: Chinese city offers cash rewards to trace Covid outbreak, thousands protest New Zealand’s vaccine mandates

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Residents in Heihei, Sjina, are being offered money for tips on tracing Delta outbreak; anti-vaccination mandate protesters descend on Wellington

Backlash over US police vaccine mandates has not fueled crime surge, sê kenners

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In Seattle, some police detectives stepped into patrol cars over the last month for the first time in more than a decade, according to Sgt Randy Huserik, who has been with the department for 28 jare. The department h...

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