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‘Bringing home the trophy’: Mancini dedicates tears to all of Italy after win

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Roberto Mancini said his tears were for the whole of Italy after winning Euro 2020 in a dramatic penalty shooutout. Victory over England brought Italy their first European Championship title since 1968 and the manager...

Roberto Mancini honours promise to make Italy champions of Europe

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The England fans sang “It’s Coming Home”, but a banner at the blue end of Wembley begged to differ. “Football’s Coming Rome” might not be good grammar, but a little artistic licence must be allowed when your team is m...

‘Mancini has been absolutely wonderful’: praise for manager as Rome unites behind Italy

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“There’s been a very tense atmosphere in Rome all day,” said Claudia Iacobazzo, a bartender. “Obviously I want Italy to win, but I like England, so I’d be happy for them too.” Victory or loss, the European football ch...

‘He cleared up the rubble’: how Roberto Mancini rebuilt Italy

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This Italy team has had something special about it from the beginning of this cycle. Roberto Mancini took over this team when they were in a very difficult situation as they had missed out on the 2018 Copa Mundial, the f...

Robert Mancini, Gianluca Vialli and the great friendship inspiring Italy

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El año 1964 was a big one for football in Italy. Helenio Herrera’s Inter defeated Real Madrid in the European Cup final; Roma lifted the Coppa Italia after a dramatic replay against Torino; Bologna won their seventh...

Roberto Mancini: Italy and Spain face ‘unfair’ crowd situation at Wembley

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Roberto Mancini believes it is “very unfair” that the vast majority of the 60,000 spectators expected at Wembley on Tuesday for the Euro 2020 semi-final between Italy and Spain will not be from the respective countrie...

Renaissance man: how Mancini turned Italy from mess to winning machine

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Roberto Mancini has never been content to just take part. Aged nine, he became so frustrated at losing a table tennis game that he threw a bat at his cousin’s head. A 24, he was part of a Sampdoria side that won Seri...