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Joe Manchin’s stimulus stand exposes dangerous fissures in Democratic ranks

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Seeking to explain his part in dramatically prolonging marathon Senate proceedings before the passage of Joe Biden’s $1.9tn coronavirus relief bill, Joe Manchin may only have succeeded in exposing a dangerous fissure ...

Manchin’s blocking bid is no shock, say disgruntled West Virginia Democrats

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West Virginia senator Joe Manchin has emerged as one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the passing of Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda, declaring he will vote against a key voting rights bill and also blocking r...

Obama backs Manchin’s voting rights compromise before crucial Senate vote

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Barack Obama has backed conservative West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin’s voting rights proposal, calling it a “product of compromise” as the landmark legislation struggles towards a crucial vote in the US S...

‘Weird, patronizing behavior’: AOC lets rip at Manchin’s ‘young lady’ remark

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The New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has fired back at the West Virginia senator Joe Manchin for referring to her as “that young lady”, in the latest escalation of a bitter intra-party spat over the siz...

We kayaked to Joe Manchin’s yacht, and we’d do it again

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Per la maggior parte delle persone, kayaking on the Potomac is a leisure activity. For us, it was a desperate attempt to have our voices heard. We left our families and jobs in West Virginia to travel to DC in order to make sure Senator...

Ties that bind: Joe Manchin’s steady stream of support from oil, gas and coal

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In the tumult of negotiations over the most consequential climate legislation ever proposed in the US, there is growing scrutiny of the fossil fuel industry connections of the man poised to tear down the core of the b...