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How many times have England faced teams with English managers?

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“Watching Uruguay v Chile in the Copa América, I noticed that the manager of Chile, Martín Lasarte, was himself Uruguayan. How many times have England played teams managed by an Englishman?” wonders Thom Walsh. “I hav...

Scott Booth leaves Glasgow City to take Birmingham City Women manager’s job

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The Women’s Super League side Birmingham City have appointed the former Scotland international Scott Booth as their new manager. The 49–year-old has signed a three-year deal and joins after six years with the Scottish...

Premier League 2020-21 revisione: managers of the season

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Welcome to the Guardian’s review of the 2020-21 Premier League season. We have nominated some contenders for this category to get the discussion going. You can offer your suggestions below the line … Amid what has be...

How BBC managers kept the board in the dark about Diana interview

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An atmosphere of “total contempt” coloured all dealings of BBC managers with their board of governors in 1995, as journalist Martin Bashir and his Panorama bosses were cooking up their covert interview with Diana, Pri...

Covid-19 jabs for staff ‘should be our callsay 58% of UK managers

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More than half of UK business managers believe it is their job to encourage employees to get a Covid-19 vaccination to make sure workplaces are safe for the return of employees. tuttavia, business leaders’ opinions are...

Rishi Sunak to offer ‘help to growtraining for SME managers

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The bosses of small businesses are to be invited back to school to brush up on their management skills, under plans to be announced in the budget designed to help close Britain’s productivity gap with rival nations. UN...