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For the Tory party, Boris Johnson is a blip not a crisis

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Any minute now, 番号? Surely this is it for Boris Johnson. The party is over. He has managed to get away with it before, だが, as someone yelled with relish at prime minister’s questions last week: “Not this time!” The ...

The Colston Four’s critics are deluded to think Britain owes no apology for its past

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It was inevitable, but the speed with which it happened was still surprising. After the four protesters who toppled the statue of Edward Colston then helped to heave it into the harbour were acquitted, Conservative MP...

For Labour and the Conservatives, racism is really all about reputation management

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It’s rare that the quiet part is said out loud in British politics: the thing that arrives in a chilling soundbite a politician has let slip, or in correspondence leaked many years after those who wrote it leave power...

We talk a lot about freedom – but not enough about whose freedom is at stake

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‘For me, history is the record not only of how things change, but how people make things change, how they act individually and collectively to create a better world.” So wrote American historian Tyler Stovall about hi...

みんなのように, コビッドとの戦いにうんざりしています. しかし、私たちは続けなければなりません

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過去2年間, パンデミックの各段階で、新しい種の疲れがもたらされました. 最初は頭がおかしい種類の倦怠感でした, 最初の封鎖が起こったときのすべてのぎくしゃくした過度の警戒. thaの記憶...

グレンフェルはさらに多くの恐怖をもたらします. しかし、有罪はまだ責任を取ることができません

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嘘をつく. ルールに従うことを拒否する. 小さな人々をあざける. 責任をそらす. 「決して起こらなかった」クリスマスパーティーに対するこの政府の対応だけではありません, しかし、ISSに対する歴代の政府の反応。.


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ある友人の祖母が、亡くなった夫の英国のゴルフクラブについて話してくれました。. 1960年代でした, 彼女はクラブのテラスで他の妻たちと一緒に飲み物を飲んでいました. 男性はリンクでゴルフをしました。.

移民は彼らが英国で場所を獲得しなければならないと言われています. しかし、誰もする必要はありません

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あなたはいくらの価値がありますか? 私はあなたの金融資産の合計が何であるかを意味するのではありません. つまり, 人間として, あなたがあなたの価値が何であるかを決定するためにいくつかの公式を考え出さなければならなかったなら, どのようにそれについて行きますか? それがあまりにも難しい場合...

これは当事者間の問題ではありません: 2番目の仕事は非常に保守的なスキャンダルです

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過去数週間, ニュースは、彼らが二次的な仕事をすることを許可する議会の規則を乱用する議員についての見出しによって支配されてきました. これは誤解を招くです, 特定の例外の一般化されたアカウント。.

If tackling racism is just a box-ticking exercise, the urgent imperative to change our ways is lost

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いくつかのための, it was a gotcha moment. ほかの人のため, an occasion to parade their own prejudices. Yet others celebrated the end of the “attempt to destroy English cricket”. 火曜日に, Azeem Rafiq gave devastating testimony t...

I have lived under corrupt regimes – the cynicism stalking Britain is all too familiar

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‘That happens in Russia, it shouldn’t happen in Britain.” These were the words of Chris Bryant, chair of the standards committee, on the events of last week, when Conservative MPs voted to reject the recommended suspe...

Want to change the world? Then you’d better give up on self-defeating pessimism

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He quickly apologised for his crassness but the archbishop of Canterbury’s comparison of politicians who fail to tackle climate change with those in the 1930s who appeased the Nazis was not simply crass. It illustrate...

Sudan’s coup has shattered the hopes of its 2019 revolution

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Last week in Sudan, two years disappeared in a flash. Two years of working to bring Sudan in from the cold after almost three decades of isolation. Two years of trying to establish a civilian government. Two years of ...

Zayn Malik denies hitting Yolanda Hadid, grandmother of his child

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Zayn Malik has denied hitting Yolanda Hadid, the mother of his partner Gigi Hadid and grandmother of their child, in a domestic argument. The pop singer and former member of boyband One Direction issued a statement, s.。.

Our society is troubled. Beware those who blame it all on big tech

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Every time a dramatic, unforeseen political event happens, there follows a left-field fixation that some out-of-control technology created it. Whenever this fear about big tech comes around we are told that something ...

Claiming a monopoly on truth and decency is no way to win the assisted dying debate

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A man is standing on the parapet of a bridge. He is about to jump. What should you do? Most people would agree that the moral act would be to talk to him to try to persuade him not to. Most people would also agree tha...

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