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In this new age of empire, the west has no need to conquer. Money and coercion do the job

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Where is America’s southern border? Look on a map and you can see the line where America ends and Mexico begins, a line along part of which Donald Trump tried to build his wall. Justin Campbell will tell you that the ...

From pool to track: disputes over trans athletes mustn’t make everyone a loser

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If you want a case study of how not to handle the question of transgender athletes in sport, look to the treatment of British cyclist Emily Bridges. As a talented male junior, Bridges won three silver medals at nation...

As the imperial ties are being cast aside, a royal tour was always going to be a farce

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Sovereignty, nos dijeron, No solo quería un billón de dólares al año para las naciones pobres. It matters in Ukraine. It matters in Brexit. Y, para algunos, the freedom afforded by sovereignty in the one instance is analogous to that afforded in the other. Many of those who cele...

The people of Ukraine need our solidarity. But not just because they’re ‘like us’

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En 1857, the English poet and Chartist leader Ernest Jones wrote a series of articles in the People’s Paper about the “Indian Mutiny” of that year. Fue, he observed, no “mutiny” but a “national insurrection” that B...

Let the horror in Ukraine open our eyes to the suffering of war around the world

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Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine has sharpened two terrifying realisations. The first is that Putin does not function within the realm of the usual finely balanced checks and balances, sticks and carrots, t ...

Muslims still bear the stigma of the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal. Maybe that’s what was intended

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If you were to poll a few hundred people, I wonder what they could tell you about the Operation Trojan Horse conspiracy story of 2014. I wonder how many would know one basic fact: that the furore originated from a sin...

‘Freedom day’ was no leap into the light. For that we must set aside tribalism

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There was a certain irony that “freedom day” – the name given by some to the removal on Thursday of the last official Covid restrictions in England – was also the day that Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine. For two ye...

unos meses antes de que la Dra. Gerada comenzara su propia distinción..? unos meses antes de que la Dra. Gerada comenzara su propia distinción..

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There are two lines of attack in the current culture wars. The first is slow, steady and discreet, marching by stealth through Britain’s institutions. The second is a brazen, loud artillery attack armed with cliches a...

Johnson’s Starmer slur was just the latest proof of Britain’s rotten political culture

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It shouldn’t be remarkable, pero es. The prime minister’s suggestion that Keir Starmer, in his former role as director of public prosecutions, was responsible for the failure to prosecute the paedophile Jimmy Savile...

This government has been built on a fantasy. Restoring reality will cost the Tories dear

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There is a literary and cinematic device that usually signals the protagonist has entered a world that may look normal but is in fact slightly off. A clock might start moving backwards; a ball might be thrown in the a...

Los comentarios sobre el Holocausto de Whoopi Goldberg se basaron en una idea equivocada de racismo

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Los comentarios sobre el Holocausto de Whoopi Goldberg se basaron en una idea equivocada de racismo, Los comentarios sobre el Holocausto de Whoopi Goldberg se basaron en una idea equivocada de racismo.

Dinos: how have you been affected by Storm Malik?

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As Storm Carrie approaches with winds of up to 90mph, thousands of homes in Scotland and north-east England are still without power after being affected by Storm Malik. The areas mainly include Northumberland, County ...

UK windfarms generate record amount of electricity during Storm Malik

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The UK’s windfarms generated a record amount of renewable electricity over the weekend as Storm Malik battered parts of Scotland and northern England. Wind speeds of up to 100 miles an hour recorded in Scotland helped...

Weather warnings for northern UK as Storm Malik sweeps in

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Gusts of up to 80mph could hit northern areas of the UK this weekend as Storm Malik sweeps in. Yellow weather warnings are in place across all of Scotland, northern England and parts of Northern Ireland for most of Sa...

The ugly truth about Tory Islamophobia: forget the assurances, it will happen again

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The past few weeks have been a time of discovery for the Conservative party and its supporters. Some Tories as senior as the prime minister himself learned that work events they attended may have, De hecho, been boozy ...

For the Tory party, Boris Johnson is a blip not a crisis

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Any minute now, no? Surely this is it for Boris Johnson. The party is over. He has managed to get away with it before, pero, as someone yelled with relish at prime minister’s questions last week: “Not this time!” The ...

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