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Our society is troubled. Beware those who blame it all on big tech

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Every time a dramatic, unforeseen political event happens, there follows a left-field fixation that some out-of-control technology created it. Whenever this fear about big tech comes around we are told that something ...

Claiming a monopoly on truth and decency is no way to win the assisted dying debate

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A man is standing on the parapet of a bridge. He is about to jump. What should you do? Most people would agree that the moral act would be to talk to him to try to persuade him not to. Most people would also agree tha...

De la falta de hijos a la crisis climática, ¿Por qué la culpa siempre es de nosotros??

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Nada en este mundo puede decirse que sea cierto excepto la muerte., impuestos y que a las mujeres se les dirá regularmente que no deben olvidarse de tener hijos. Ese acoso, un favorito de la prensa, particularmente un pre-derechista..

Los conservadores han convencido a los votantes de que existe una amenaza peor que la escasez de combustible

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The British historian Alex von Tunzelmann explained to me a few years ago why we are unable to discuss empire without denial and defensiveness. “Empire is still all around us," ella dijo. “It is still so integral to ev...

Is it so radical to say that the police aren’t fit for purpose?

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More people are beginning to see it. Not clearly, but something is coming into view. When a policeman, known to colleagues as “the rapist”, murders a woman after luring her with his police credentials, when another ha...

Badenoch’s empire comments speak to the enduring mentality of colonialism

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In every single country that was ever under British rule, you will find a significant number of people who praise colonialism or claim they would willingly welcome back the British. It’s a sort of meme – half joke, ha...

Political gestures can be inspiring. But let’s not mistake them for victory

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The first anniversary of the global Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests was widely noted a few months ago, with acres of coverage and analysis asking: what has changed? Not much at all, appeared to be the broad conclusi...

America’s mortality gap should sound a blaring alarm across the Atlantic

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Americans die younger than Europeans. That is true whether they are rich or poor, black or white, toddlers or OAPs. The latest confirmation of the mortality gap across the Atlantic comes from a newly published study t...

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life as a Muslim was like before 9/11

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I try to remember what it was like to be a Muslim before 9/11. It is hard. It gets harder every year. I think I remember that being a Muslim didn’t mean much to others, and was mostly a private identity, one that diff...

In an age too given to moral certainty, let’s remember The Wire’s Omar as a study in complexity

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It’s not often that a shotgun-wielding thief and killer comes to be seen as possessing a moral core. But then it’s not often that you have a character like Omar Little. Or an actor like Michael K Williams to bring him...

Afghan refugees can soon expect Britain’s warm welcome to turn into cold comfort

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For a brief moment, it would appear that the UK isn’t quite so “full up”, as the government launches Operation Warm Welcome to relocate refugees from Afghanistan. As the name – evocative of bold military action in the...

To be truly British, the country needs to stay largely white. En realidad, Lionel Shriver?

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‘They have seen the passing of the American Indian and the buffalo; and now they query as to how long the Anglo-Saxon may be able to survive.” So wrote William Ripley in an essay for the Atlantic Monthly in 1908. Ripl...

The rich nations’ take on the world post-pandemic? ‘I’m all right, Jack’

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Rich countries have administered more doses of Covid vaccine than the size of their populations – an average of 105 doses per 100 gente. In low-income countries, that figure is just two per 100 gente. It is a dispar...

Why the west will learn no lessons from the fall of Kabul

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En agosto 1998, two weeks after a little-known terror outfit called al-Qaida announced itself to the world with bomb attacks on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the US president, Bill Clinton, retaliated ...

Britain’s offer to Afghan refugees is not ‘generous’. It’s blindly inhumane

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Boris Johnson and Priti Patel believe that Britain’s “bespoke scheme” for Afghan refugees is “one of the most generous in our country’s history”. That says more about their ignorance of British history than it does ab...

Vaccine hesitancy is a symptom of people’s broken relationship with the state

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It’s hard to explain what it feels like when someone you thought you knew intimately starts to repeat conspiracy theories about the pandemic and vaccines. You don’t really grasp what’s happening immediately: it’s too ...

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