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The people making a difference: meet the founder of the UK’s first Trans Pride

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The night before the first-ever Trans Pride Brighton in 2013, Sarah Savage was so nervous she couldn’t sleep. What if nobody turned up? What if the weather was awful? What if the performers flaked? She needn’t have wo...

The people making a difference: the man who made blokes strip off and feel good about themselves

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Paul Goddard was susceptible to peer pressure growing up. “To try and fit in I’d commit crimes with the other guys who were older than me," lui dice. “Shoplifting, stealing cars. I was a bit of a turd, to be honest.” H...

The people making a difference – meet the ecologist dedicating her life to protecting bats

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Why bats?” I ask Morgan Hughes, a 47-year-old ecologist from Walsall. “They’re one of the only animals recorded to exhibit true altruism,” she replies. “Vampire bats will share their meals with other vampire bats, eve...

The people making a difference – the mum giving free phones and games to young people in need

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Kayla Ellis’s children came home from school recently and asked their mother what was going on: the hallway was full of bags of clothing, trainers and toys. Ellis remembers her own mother also eyeing the chaos – and t...