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Die energiekrisis van Brittanje is al jare in die vooruitsig, dankie aan die konserwatiewes

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Verhittingskoste weens dramatiese gasprysstygings is net die jongste hoofstuk in die stygende lewenskoste in Brittanje. Van verhogings in voedselpryse tot stygende vervoerkoste, hierdie nuwe inflasiekamp word getref..

The Guardian view on an energy price shock: a crisis in the making

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There is a level of government complacency about energy price shocks. Ministers think the best course of action is to just accept them. Wholesale gas prices are now more than five times their level two years ago, rais...

Making waves in the Pacific: how Boris Johnson’s Global Britain went rogue

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Life got a little more dangerous last week. It wasn’t due to the pandemic or the climate crisis. It was entirely the result of the conscious choices of men (and it’s nearly always men) gearing up for war. That’s denie...

The empty shelves crisis isn’t just down to Covid and Brexit – it’s been decades in the making

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The retail phenomenon of 2021 is not a new fashion craze, electronic gadget or children’s toy. The most discussed items in today’s shops are “empty shelves”. And as the problems have grown, the arguments have raged: w ...

Scientists find evidence of humans making clothes 120,000 jare terug

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From the medieval fashion for pointy shoes to Victorian waist-squeezing corsets and modern furry onesies, what we wear is a window to our past. Now researchers say they have found some of the earliest evidence of huma...

Making workers foot the bill for social care and pensions is deeply unfair

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Tuesday’s announcements on national insurance contributions (NICs) will see working age adults pay disproportionately for what is overwhelmingly pension-age care. Buried on the same day was the news that departments a...

Nia DaCosta is giving us shivers while making history

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As those of us who grew up in the 1990s can attest, the thought of saying “Candyman” in the mirror five times is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck even now. It was a terrible time for anyone with an o...

Keeping the House by Tice Cin review – a cult classic in the making

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Crackling with energy, interdisciplinary artist Tice Cin’s debut is a kind of textual collage. It offers vistas of the Turkish communities of north London between 1999 en 2012, in pacy, often impressionistic chapters...

Revisited: The pandemic scam artists making millions during lockdown

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Toe Rose 'n e-pos ontvang oor 'n gemiste pakkie, sy het niks daaraan gedink om 'n nuwe aflewering te reël nie - 'n fout wat haar uiteindelik duisende sou kos. The Guardian se geldredakteur, Hilary Osborne, toon die skaal van 'n ...

Making up for lost time: Australia needs to speed up to stay in the Covid vaccine race

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As the New South Wales winter outbreak gets ready to head into spring and exponential growth remains the order of the day, more Australians are getting vaccinated than ever before. But while the strong surge of people...

‘We love everybody’: the French drag couple making non-traditional wedding dresses

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On the third floor of a typical Alsatian building in Strasbourg, a door opens on to a bright atelier, dotted with mannequins draped in bridal wear. This is where James and ViviAnn Du Fermoir-de-Monsac live and work, d...

‘It’s not about making money’: the former footballers working as agents

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Staying in football after retiring as a player brings few options for those coming to the end of their careers. Traditionally, the choices were going into coaching, becoming a pundit or buying a pub for your former te...

My brother has two new children – and it’s making me sad

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The question I’m a 48-year-old woman in a loving relationship. I don’t have any children. I have two brothers – my younger one has four children with his partner. The other, who is older than me and gay (and my half-b...

ECB and Cricket Australia set for key talks over families making trip to Ashes

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The England and Wales Cricket Board are set for key talks with Cricket Australia in the coming weeks over whether families will be allowed to travel to accompany the players to the Ashes this winter. In a joint statem...

Mallory Franklin: ‘Women have had less opportunity – this is about making history’

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Mallory Franklin is far too polite to name the individual who delivered disparaging remarks about the expansion of women’s canoeing in the Olympics. She is perfectly happy to articulate the response, wel. “Eilidh G...

Making coffins, giving shelter: volunteers step in as Covid overwhelms Indonesia

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Every day, before 7am, volunteers gather in front of a house in Yogyakarta. Wearing masks and maintaining distance, they measure and cut panels of wood, smoothing the edges with sandpaper. For the past 11 dae, the fr...

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