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Bespoke glove makers Chester Jefferies to close

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For over 85 anni, Chester Jefferies has made gloves fit for a Queen. Ma ora, the company that once supplied the royal family is closing down, with its owner saying many young people lack the interest or patience to ...

Opioid crisis: West Virginia in tentative $161.5m settlement with drug makers

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Attorneys for the state of West Virginia and two remaining pharmaceutical manufacturers have reached a tentative $161.5m settlement just as closing arguments were set to begin in a seven-week trial over the opioid epi...

‘There was pushback’: L'idea che un dilettante di rango possa avere così tanto successo così presto ancora sconcerta la mente & Tommy makers open up about show’s animatronic talking penis scene

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The team behind Disney+’s highly anticipated drama about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have revealed there was pushback about one possibly controversial scene. According to the show’s makers, a scene featuring Sebasti...

Festive shrinkflation: tricks chocolate makers use to make us pay more

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Getting value for money might not be your prime goal when buying Christmas presents but if you are planning to snap up chocolates or sweets for the ones you love, it pays to check what you are going to get for your ca...

Cement makers across world pledge large cut in emissions by 2030

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Cement makers around the world have pledged to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by up to a quarter this decade and reach net zero by 2050, in a move they said would make a major difference to the prospects for the C...

‘Retail has changed so much’: local makers lead the rebirth of the department store

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“We’ve brought that light back in and hopefully brought the soul back in.” You may have heard that the department store is dead, but they’re opening up the windows again at Bobby’s of Bournemouth. The independent stor...

I colpi di Covid per miliardi di umani guadagneranno miliardi di dollari ai loro creatori

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I produttori di farmaci guidati dalle aziende statunitensi Pfizer e Moderna guadagneranno decine di miliardi di dollari dai loro vaccini contro il Covid-19 quest'anno e il prossimo, dato l'impegno dei governi del G7 a vaccinare il mondo intero entro la fine del 2022, b...

Scotch whisky makers toast five-year suspension of US tariffs

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Whisky makers are raising a glass after the UK and US agreed to suspend retaliatory tariffs on goods including Scottish malts for five years, in the de-escalation of a transatlantic trade dispute stretching back almos...

Love Island makers say LGBT contestants bring ‘logistical difficulties’

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The makers of TV’s Love Island have said that there have been “logistical difficulties” with plans to include LGBT contestants. In an interview with the Radio Times, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri addressed rumours th...