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Bolsonaro supporters clash with police before major rally in Brasília

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Pre-dawn skirmishes have erupted between police and supporters of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, as rightwing activists tried to force their way towards congress before major pro-government rallies that have put ...

Die groot aandeelhouer se Rolls-Royce-brom kan voortbrom

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Die laaste keer dat Rolls-Royce 'n Amerikaanse aktivistefonds op sy stert gehad het, die vervaardiger van vliegtuigmotors het die ongewone stap geneem om een ​​van sy verteenwoordigers op die bord te nooi. ValueAct Capital is as konstruktief beskou..

An electric Faust outfit and a pair of kinky boots in V&A’s ‘major refresh’

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A fabulous red dress and thigh-high leather boots worn by Lola the drag queen in the musical Kinky Boots are to go on display near to what many would say is the equally fabulous red ensemble worn by Henry Irving in an...

Exxon se olieboorwedstryd aan die kus van Guyana 'hou 'n groot omgewingsrisiko in'

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Die groot nuwe Guyana -projek van ExxonMobil staan ​​tereg op aanklagte van die minagting van veiligheid van kenners wat beweer dat die onderneming nie voldoende voorbereid was op moontlike rampe nie, die Guardian en Floodlight gevind het. Exxon het ...

Hong Kong group behind major pro-democracy protests disbands amid police pressure

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A major civil society group that was behind some of Hong Kong’s biggest protests has disbanded under increasing pressure from police. The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) announced its closure on Sunday, saying no memb...

Last major Afghan city in the north falls to the Taliban

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The Taliban captured Mazar-i-Sharif, the country’s fourth-largest city and the government’s last major stronghold in the north on Saturday, as they tightened their grip on the country and closed in on Kabul. The US pr...

Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet

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Human activity is changing the Earth’s climate in ways “unprecedented” in thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, with some of the changes now inevitable and “irreversible”, climate scientists have warned. Within...

Major coup for Taliban as fighters take Afghan city of Kunduz

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The Taliban have claimed a huge symbolic victory after their fighters seized a large city for the first time in northern Afghanistan as part of a seemingly unstoppable offensive in which they have captured four provin...

NHS waiting lists could top 15 million in four years without major rise in capacity

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The waiting list for NHS care in England could rise to 15 million people in the next four years without a significant increase in its current capacity, ministers are warned, amid a cabinet clash over the service’s fut...

Tory crime strategy will increase risk of major public disorder

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Boris Johnson’s announcements around his crime reduction strategy are worrying and predictable (Weird and gimmicky’: police chiefs condemn Boris Johnson’s crime plan, 27 Julie). As a councillor in Haringey who previous...

Morocco team hails ‘major’ Stone Age discovery dating back 1.3 million years

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Archaeologists in Morocco have announced the discovery of north Africa’s oldest stone age hand-axe manufacturing site, dating back 1.3m years, an international team has reported. The find pushes back by hundreds of th...

Prime minister risks major rebellion over Covid jab passports, say Tory MPs

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Conservative MPs believe Boris Johnson faces a major rebellion over Covid vaccine passports but could be supported by Labour, who were on Tuesday night wavering over whether to back them. Tory MPs opposed to the plan ...

The BBC faces major challenges from the government to its independence

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Verlede week, Britain’s media regulator Ofcom published a call to action for a “stronger system of public media”, which urged a “radical” move towards digitisation, and potential extra fiscal support for certain areas su...

Women’s transfer window: all the major deals while Euro 2020 was on

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Arsenal have signed Japanese forward Mana Iwabuchi from Aston Villa after a lengthy courtship of the 2011 World Cup winner. Iwabuchi was set to join Arsenal in the summer window in 2019 and then in January but with th...

Men’s transfer window: all the major deals while Euro 2020 has been on

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The biggest fee of the window so far is the £73m Manchester United have agreed to pay Dortmund for the England winger Jadon Sancho – and United are unlikely to stop there. Last season’s runners-up are also interested ...

Major Australian aged care provider reveals just 15% of staff vaccinated as sector demands changes to rollout

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One of Australia’s largest aged care providers says just 15% of its staff are fully vaccinated and it has urged the federal government to send vaccination teams into nursing homes to fix the “main barrier” to a rapid ...

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