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The problem with OnlyFans’ mainstream dream

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When the ‘subscription social network’ OnlyFans announced it would be banning the sexually explicit content that made it a billion-dollar business, sex workers were up in arms – and many observers wondered how the mov...

Alt ice-cream enters mainstream as UK sales rise with the temperature

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It is ice-cream but not as you know it. From instagrammable lollies bursting with fruit to treats made from coconut and peas rather than cow’s milk, an explosion of choice will see Britons spend an extra £100m on ice-...

Il punto di vista del Guardian sui post-fascisti italiani: diretto verso il mainstream?

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Per i turbolenti standard della politica italiana, è stata una primavera relativamente stabile. Il nuovo primo ministro tecnocrate del paese, Mario Draghi, è stato nominato a febbraio per stabilizzare la nave dopo il centro precedente...

‘From hearsay to hard evidence’: are UFOs about to go mainstream?

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Nick Pope spent the early 1990s investigating UFOs for the British ministry of defence. Sequestered in a rarely visited government office – the “metaphorical basement” – he well remembers how his field of work was reg...

Death threats, distrust and racism: how anti-Chinese sentiment in Australia ‘seeped into the mainstream

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Councillor Kun Huang received the letter on a Monday. Among the insults about his name, the threats of death, the blame for the Covid-19 pandemic, the accusation that he had been stealing all the milk powder, buying u...

‘Sexism stands at the door’: 11 female film-makers written out of mainstream Hollywood history

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Everything we’re told about cinema is that it’s shaped by men. If women feature at all in many Hollywood histories, it’s to look gorgeous on screen and lead interesting personal lives off it. But this narrative has be...