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Magnus Carlsen may opt against world chess defence due to lack of motivation

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Magnus Carlsen says he is ready to shock the chess world by giving up his world championship title – because defending it no longer motivates him. The five-time world champion retained the classical title in emphatic ...

How Magnus Carlsen won chess back from the machines

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Breakthroughs in computing have changed how high-level chess is played, making stalemates all too common. But the Norwegian champion’s stunning performance in Dubai wrests the game back from the grip of the supercompu...

Magnus Carlsen retains world chess title after final Ian Nepomniachtchi blunder

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The imperious Magnus Carlsen confirmed his long-held place as the best chess player on the planet on Friday by retaining the world championship with a fourth win over Ian Nepomniachtchi in the 11th encounter of their ...

Magnus Carlsen on verge of retaining title after Nepomniachtchi blunder

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Norway’s Magnus Carlsen is on the brink of retaining his world championship after defeating Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi for the second time in three days on Sunday in the eighth game of their €2m ($2.26m) showdown in ...

Magnus Carlsen plays out 33-move draw with Ian Nepomniachtchi in game four

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Norway’s Magnus Carlsen and Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi played to a fourth draw in as many games on Tuesday in the latest instalment of their €2m world championship showdown in Dubai, which left the best-of-14 match i...

Magnus Carlsen embraces chaos in gripping draw with Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Magnus Carlsen diced with danger in an entertaining second game of the world chess championships in Dubai before recovering to secure a 58-move draw. It leaves his 14-game match with Ian Nepomniachtchi level at 1-1 go...

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