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China has little to gain but much to lose as Russia’s ally

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In just a few days, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended decades of international relations thinking and practices. Nothing will be the same as before. Even the 5,000-word statement on “international relations in ...

How Magnus Carlsen won chess back from the machines

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Breakthroughs in computing have changed how high-level chess is played, making stalemates all too common. But the Norwegian champion’s stunning performance in Dubai wrests the game back from the grip of the supercompu...

El floreciente mercado inmobiliario de China podría significar problemas para la economía

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En China hoy, todo el rumor se trata de cómo el gobierno allí también se ha topado con una crisis energética con cortes de energía generalizados. Sin embargo, este y otros choques de oferta eventualmente pasarán., mientras que los $ 300 mil millones(£ 218 mil millones) de deuda ...

‘Her body is her business card’: Sweat director Magnus von Horn on the world of online influencers

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Magnus von Horn makes a confession few film-makers would admit to: “Some of the things I saw on social media were more moving than what I saw in the cinema.” Cinema and social media are currently the best of enemies: ...

Ajedrez: Humiliated Magnus Carlsen eliminated from his own tournament

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Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, has been having a hard time in the $1.5m online Meltwater Champions Tour, supported by his own company Play Magnus Group. Existen 10 qualifying tournaments leading to a final in t...